Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Galstanberry #3 *Book Review*

Author: Garen S. Wolff
ISBN-10: 0615668406
ISBNN-13: 978-0615668406
Page Count: 139 pages
Publisher: WolffHouseBooksandPublishing
Publish Date: July 2012


In the third installment of the Galstanberry Girlz series, Galstanberry #3 focuses on the 5 main characters we we've grown to love through the series: Lillian, Brandi, Fei, Tabitha, and Nisha. The first two books were all about establishing who these young ladies were and getting to know them and their personalities.

Now that we're familiar, it's time to get into the full school experience; friends, cliques, classes, teachers and of course the epitome of the social experience: Class elections! Namely, the 6th grade class president being vied over by two main parties: Tabitha, the sassy southerner and Brandi, the take-charge visionary.

With only one spot available for class president and two candidates, two teams are created; Team Tabitha and Team Brandi.

While everyone deals with the stress, excitement, and drama of upcoming elections, we see how each girl deals with everything on their plates. Some rise to the occasion and some have a little trouble grasping what being a Galstanberry Girl truly means...

My Thoughts:

Getting to know these girls over the past two books, you can't help but become attached; invested in their lives and personalities, their thoughts and ideas, their dramas (and believe me, being in 6th grade, there's lots of drama).

In life, there will always be drama no matter what age you are but Garen Wolff does a beautiful job turning drama into something more; she uses mean girls, cliques, and drama as a lesson for all girls throughout her book. While life's full of all three of those things and more ready to drag you down, there are those girls that always rise above and do what they can to change the world.

Like the Galstanberry motto says, "May all Galstanberry girls pursue their dreams, persevere through obstacles, and live without regret!"

This is definitely a book for young adults, which is probably why I finished it within a day or so. I really enjoyed the writing style and even though it's meant for young adults, it also challenges the reader throughout the whole book.

If you're interested in buying a copy of Galstanberry 1, 2 or 3, you can on Garen's Website or on Amazon!


Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of Galstanberry #3 by Garen S. Wolff in order to facilitate this honest review. All opinions expressed above are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated.


Garen Wolff said...

Thank you again Kayla for reviewing Galstanberry. Without the support from bloggers like you, I and the series wouldn't be as powerful. Big Big Hugs!!!


Cathy Kennedy said...

Excellent review! Young girls need to know that it's not okay for other girls to make them feel inferior. Immature girls have enough issues to over come without added pressures from their own peers. Never be afraid of who you are, and don't ever let anyone belittle you!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

What a fun message. Sounds like a cute series. I hadn't heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.


Unknown said...

Very cool, love the moral!

Dee said...

sounds like a great book, thanks for sharing. There were and have been many books that I've read while my son was growing up and I was just as hooked on them as he was. I will share this series with a few friends who have young daughters.

Rebecca said...

great review

XmasDolly said...

Well look at you... a critic, Huh? Well, good job. This author got a heads up huh! Great review. Somehow I think this would be one for my teen-age granddaughter though, what do you think? Good job indeed.

Colette S said...

I love books that helps our children. These sound wonderful! Thanks for putting them out there.