Thursday, July 19, 2012

Health Update Thursday(7/19)

This is quite the eventful H.U.T., so let's see if I can cram it all in!

I ended up spending a few days at my boyfriend's house at the beginning of the week because both my mom and I thought there might be something in the house making me sick, so we really had nothing to lose.

Of course Jake took very good care of me; he even carried me everywhere since it was too painful to walk or crawl. If that ain't love, I couldn't tell you what was!

Even though being with Jake and having a change of scenery was definitely needed, unfortunately the pain grew worse and I ended up calling my medical intuitive to see if she had any suggestions. The moment after I explained what was going on, she told me I needed to get into somewhere ASAP. Whether it be a OBGYN, a MD, or immediate care, it needed to be within the next day or two.

We decided not to wait and in the morning that next day (Tuesday), I ended up in a walk-in clinic close by. They could see I was in considerable pain and after explaining what was going on, they did a topical ultrasound and a transvaginal ultrasound, both of which the ultrasound tech just kept apologizing through the whole thing because I was bawling and screaming out in pain.

One of the things I learned from this excursion was that I have a tipped uterus. Good to know.

The doctor on call came in after that to consult with me and this was part of our conversation:

Doc: "Do you work?"

Me: "No. I've tried, but I haven't been able to."

Doc: "Do you go to school?"

Me: "Unfortunately, no."

Doc: "This seems to have incapacitated you."

....Thank you Captain Obvious. 

The results from both ultrasounds came in shortly thereafter and the doctor came in again and said, "You seem to have a cyst in your left ovary, but we couldn't find your right ovary. Have you had it removed?"

Seriously? For the record, that ovary has not been removed. Figure THAT one out.

The diagnosis was a cyst in the left ovary, but it was recommended that I try to get in to a OBGYN as soon as possible because they are the ones who can legitimately diagnose me further if need be. We've been looking and the earliest appointment that can be found so far was mid August o.O

Anyway, they gave me a shot in my tushy for the pain and sent me on my way. I must say (and call me a weirdo if you must) I was really excited about getting a shot in my tush. LOL In the past 8+ years of getting blood drawn, acupuncture, shots and other various things involving a needle, I've never had someone give me a shot in the butt!

All in all, even though we weren't told exactly what would help, I was very impressed with the walk-in facility, nurses and even the doctor. They were all very kind and courteous and did what they could to make sure I was comfortable. I would definitely go back if need be.

As of right now, my primary's diagnosis of PCOS seems the most likely so we're sticking with his treatment plan, but the bad part is he told us it would take 3 cycles to correct and there's nothing I can do about the pain.

So just sucking it up and dealing with it is the best thing I can do right now. Oy.


Rebecca said...

aw honey things just aren't getting any better i see. sending prayers someone figures things out soon

Barbara said...

Hey honey! I can definitely relate to a cyst on the ovary! I had one on my left one about 5.2 cm about 10 years ago, and currently have a 2 cm one on my right ovary.
I hope that the pain eases up some for you! Hugs, my friend! Prayers headed your way!

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear!!! Gentle hugs and I hope you can put all this "behind" you soon! (see what I did there?? LOL)

XmasDolly said...

Okay, what the hell. This pattern has got to stop. Somebody needs to get some ass about themeselves right here. Right now! Maybe if you went into the emergency room being as you can't get a soon enough appointment to get something done about this, but what I do suggestion is a diary! Who you you've been to see, when, and the outcome because if somebody's screwing up and something happens God forbid you have a very good medical malpractice lawsuit on your hands, and I know a dam good lawyer too! You cannot play ball, and watch the ball fly over your head, when you should've caught it. Catch my drift? I mean them. NO NO This is unacceptable. If bills etc are a problem you need to get on medicaid right away. Don't let this lay honey, PLEASE. Any questions? DON'T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE!

vanita said...

Missing ovary? Really? Girl, I suggest calling all the GYNs in your insurance network and let them know your MD wants you to see a GYN as soon as possible and tell them why. If you need a referral from your doctor as soon as you've picked one of these GYNs that's in your insurance network, your doctor should be able to give you a new referral.

Cabootique said...

I'm so sorry things have been so rough for you! I hope the treatment plan helps.

Karen Mitchell said...

Hi, i was reading your blog, getting to know the BSBP participants. I can tell you this about PCOS (my sister and sister-in-law are sufferers), cysts come in two basic types fluid filled and more solid types. The fluid filled normally shrink or burst at a certain point in your cycle, painful but it is all about hormones. The other type are solid and are usually surgically removed. The right contraceptive pill can be a huge help in reducing attacks, the right doctor is essential. My SIL went 25 years with PCOS before a correct diagnosis, most thought it was all in her head.