Thursday, July 12, 2012

Health Update Thursday(7/12)

My period came and went and I thought it would take the nasty left-hand side ovary pain with it, but no such luck. Eight days later, it's still with  me and I'm at a loss as to what to do!

Has it only been a little over a week? It seriously seems like weeks have passed; that's what being bedbound and not able to leave your room will do to you.

But I digress.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my primary physician and even though it was an extremely painful and fatiguing 20 minute ride there and 20 minute ride back, it was so nice being OUT. I really cannot remember the last time I was actually outside, let alone anywhere outside and away from my house.

Sad, I know.

Back to the doctor appointment. There were no tests run, but from my symptoms and descriptions of the pain, doc believes I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrom) and the pain is stemming from a particularly large cyst that ruptured. It makes sense seeing as my halfway through and monthly cycles have ALWAYS been beyond painful with no explanation as to why.

My medical intuitive interprets things differently; she agrees there are cysts going on, but she believes I have a bacterial infection that's fueling my body to 'protect itself' by creating the cysts.

Either way it's extremely painful and extremely maddening.

Treatment consists of topical iodine and progesterone pills, which should help my body not form the cysts, or so that's what the doc says. In the mean time, Advil is supposed to be my best friend, as well as lots and lots if ice packs (anti-inflammatory aids).

In other news, we are replacing my sister's bedroom window as I type this in regards to a mold situation that has been apparently festering for a little while.

Never a dull moment I tell you!


kailani said...

Oh no! Hope the pain subsides soon!

angie lilly said...

aww sorry to hear you are going thru this...sending you good energy for a speedy recovery/solution!

Rebecca said...

aw hugs honey hope you feel better soon

Unknown said...

sheesh that sucks! I really wish on bed days you could at least stay in the porch or something like that :(

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Oh, my! I have the same thing! I have been hospitalized many times because of cysts on my ovaries and good grief, they HURT! Such things men do not have to go through!

I need to apologize to you! For some reason I have had it in my head that you do not have a blog but just followed blogs...then I saw your blog link on your email. I am so sorry. You must think I am so rude for never coming here :(
That will teach me to look at my emails better!
But, now I know! And I am adding you to my blog-roll :) The last month I have not been a good commenter to anyone! There are times I do a quick post so no one forgets me. Ha!
I promise to do better. You have become such a sweet friend to me and I don't take that lightly!

I hope tomorrow brings you a great day!
xo, misha