Thursday, July 5, 2012

Did YOU Catch the Hidden Gems?

Those of you who are Pixar fans, you know that many of their movies contain hidden 'gems,' or fun little quarks created and added in by the animators, usually consisting of other past Pixar films.

For instance, did you know that the Pizza Planet Truck of the 1995 Pixar film, Toy Story, has been in nearly all of their animated films since? I love trying to catch those hidden gems; just another reason why I big puffy heart Pixar ^.^

Of course, their newest film Brave, is no exception-If you saw the film already, did you catch these? You're probably going to want to click on the picture to enlarge them.

Notice the wooden truck to the Witch's left

Hint:: Look for Sully from Monsters Inc.


Rebecca said...

how cool i didn't know this

Jennifer S. said...

Holy cow I definitely didn't notice that! how cool!

Unknown said...

So very cool!