Friday, June 29, 2012

Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind *Book Review*

Author: Henry Grayson, Ph.D.
ISBN-10: 781452545011
ISBNN-13: 978-1-4525-4501-1
Page Count: 320 pages
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publish Date: 3/27/12


Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind is a book like none other in which the author, Henry Grayson, shares his personal experiences and the knowledge he's learned along the span of his Psychology career regarding revolutionary healing methods being used today to cure people of their ailments, some of which include the mind-body connection, metaphysics, quantum physics, and other things.

Grayson truly believes that each and every person has the complete capability to lead happy, healthy and productive lives, however in experiments derived from an accident early on when he was lecturing around the country, most, if not all people subconsciously believe they're not worthy of all the great and beautiful things life has to offer.

This book is all about helping the patient clear the belief that they are unworthy by educating, explaining, and teaching specific tools such as muscle testing, the EFTA (Emotional Freedom Technique Adaption), and the Thymus rub that help dispel the negative beliefs, thoughts and identities so people can truly live the best lives they can; as the book's cover states, "release all barriers to health, healing and happiness."

My Thoughts:

Firstly, I must say talking to Dr. Grayson before I started reading this book courtesy of the recent BookTribe chat was a very inspirational experience and one that I quite enjoyed! The stories he shared about his childhood and about how he was put on this path to help people gain their health back were very interesting; I always love to hear how people got started into what they're truly passionate about.

In regards to this book, as I read it, I put it into two main categories: self-help and how-to. There were a lot of explanations on how people end up trapped in their negative states whether they be emotional or physical, conscious or subconscious, intentional or unintentional. Then, leading from the self evaluations contained in the book that help you explore what type of negativity is impacting you and your life, Dr. Grayson goes on to explain how to help yourself break the pattern of the negative to the positive in several different ways depending on the individual.

I truly believe that, as he concludes, what you think DOES affect your health and the way your body works. I'm also a proponent of muscle testing and EFT (or EFTA as he referred to it in his book), so I was quite excited when he went more in depth with those helpful tools. Speaking of which, you can find helpful step-by-step videos explaining what these techniques are and how to use them HERE.

There were some things that made this book hard to get through at times unfortunately. I really had issues, firstly, getting into it due to the very technical language of quantum physics; not necessarily because I didn't understand, but because I was having a hard time grasping the meaning behind the written words due to my brain fog on occasion.

Second, I found the book to be redundant when explaining about certain things, mainly how negative emotions affect the human body and how we have the capability to fix it without any third-party help. I felt the book could have been cut in half in its length and been more direct and straight to the point.

Regardless of those two personal opinions on my part, I do believe in and support what Dr. Grayson is trying to get across in his latest book; we aren't all separate from the universe as we feel. We have the ability to tap into its greatness and heal ourselves without heavily relying upon drugs, doctors and different therapies.

We ARE powerful if we just believe!


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Henry Grayson's Bio from his website:

"Dr. Henry Grayson is a scientific, spiritual, mindbody psychologist who founded and directed the National Institute for the Psychotherapies in New York City. He is the author of Mindful Loving (in it’s twentieth printing), the best selling Sounds True Audio Series, The New Physics of Love, as well as co-author of three professional books. Dr. Grayson integrates diverse psychotherapies with neuroscience, quantum physics, subtle energies with Eastern and Western spiritual mindfulness. He practices in New York City and Connecticut."

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind by Dr. Henry Grayson to facilitate this honest review. All opinions expressed in the above post are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated.


Jennifer S. said...

This looks like a great book! I totally believe that negative thoughts can effect your health. I think we all need reminders of that and help to stay positive!! Great review!

Rebecca said...

sounds good

Unknown said...

Sounds really interesting and something that I might use on Gabriel

Elise Petterson said...

Thank you for this Kayla! I will check out this book, because education is key and I think we can all stand to learn a lot more about not just what to do, but why, so I can't tell you how much I appreciate your approach to wellness and making people more aware of the mind-body connection. The more we understand, instead of just following blindly, the better choices we’ll be able to make for ourselves and our families for the long haul, in my opinion. Any other readers interested in a guide to educating themselves on natural health and wellness based on the mind-body connection should also check out David Mercier’s A Beautiful Medicine. It really opened my eyes to how much I didn’t know, and I feel more in control than ever over how healthy our home is. To check it out you can visit Thanks again for a great recommendation!

Christine Eubanks said...

"This book is all about helping the patient clear the belief that they are unworthy by educating, explaining, and teaching specific tools such as muscle testing, the EFTA (Emotional Freedom Technique Adaption)"

Hi, I just want to ask if the book also discuss some steps on how to do EFT?

Anonymous said...

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