Friday, June 29, 2012

An Inspiration To All

It doesn't really have to be said that this past week or so has taken its toll on me emotionally, physically and mentally. Even the happiest person in the entire world would start to feel the dark clouds rolling in with day after day of excruciating pain and bed rest.

Certain things happen, however, that pull you out of your dulldrums, if only for a little while, and put a big ol' smile on your face, which happened to me late the other night thanks to a very kind email sent by a very kind person.

He gave me permission to share with my readers, so you can read his sweet words for yourself!

"Hi Kayla:

To properly introduce myself, my name is Edward, recently I opened an email to a blog that I subscribe to called Boobies, Babies, and A Blog (which I also enter Giveaways on), and I saw you there and noticed that you also have a blog.  I did visit it and was reading what you have been going through.  I also have a medical condition that prevents me from doing all the things that I use to love doing, which is a very big list, also, which includes working.  I am a Disabled Veteran, but to top it off, I have been placed on permanent disability due to my condition, so I guess you could say that I feel what you are going through.  Anyway, I thought I would write to you, and say that you are a very strong, encouraging and courageous person considering all that you have been through and are still going through.  An Inspiration to All.  I'm not sure what else to say, I'm kinda drawing a blank right now as I'm typing this, which it's also kinda late in the evening, close to 2:30am.  In conclusion, I would also like to say, keep smiling as in your picture, for some odd reason it gives me some kinda positive energy.  Thanks!!!


P.S. I hope this email made some kind of sense considering the time that I wrote it was very late."

I get these emails every so often and it puts reality back into focus for me; I'm doing something right with my life. I might be in the deepest, darkest depression, but the knowledge that people read my blog and find inspiration from my situation, my words, and my (mostly) positive attitude pulls me out again.

That means so much to be because it's partly why I put myself out there on the internet to begin with. Yes, my situation is hard; harder at times then I lead on and would care to admit. But if what I've done for myself in the past 3 years is inspirational to others, then I've done something right! 


Cabootique said...

That's such a sweet e-mail. Not to seem like I'm jumping on the bandwagon, but I completely admire your drive & spirit, especially when my fibro has knocked me on my butt.

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

What an nice email. It definitely brightens your day to know you've helped someone else. Keep on smiling is right!

Rebecca said...

how sweet

Unknown said...

WOW! Edward words gave me goose bumps!
You're very inspirational to many people, never doubt that!