Thursday, June 21, 2012

Health Update Thursday(6/21)

I was doing so good for a little while there! I was hanging out with friends daily, going out and about to lunch, antiquing and garage saling, and I even went on a small road trip with my boyfriend for a premier of the newest Pixar movie, Brave.

Something between last Friday and now hit and I'm down again; what exactly happened, we can only guess...

1. I've been eating well lately, so I don't think there is any clue there.
2. Wednesday marked the halfway point between my cycles, so that would make sense with the symptoms I've been having
3. The warm weather front possibly?
4. Toxic overload?

Whether it be one or multiple things, I haven't been able to move very well the past couple of days with 'Lady Junk' issues. Bed has been my dwelling as well aside from the few times I crawl out to the living room for my footbaths (I still need to show you guys my footbaths, I haven't forgot!).

Exhaustion is definitely an ongoing issue with me, especially in the mornings-The mornings are the worst! I swear I wake up feeling like I have a hangover Every. Single. Day now.

The other night I was in tears due to severe pain; laying in bed was excruciating. Not moving or shifting positions but actually just laying

I saw this happening sooner or later and I'm thankful I got to experience as much as I did for that week. I have no doubt I'll have another good run when I figure things out, but in the mean time, I'm occupying myself with the computer.

So no worries, I'm keeping busy!


Terra Heck said...

Hope you get to feeling better again soon. Said a prayer for you.

Unknown said...

Gentle {HUGS} my dear friend! I thing ovulating time is definitely one of the factors. In noticed that I too feel less energetic during this time UGH

XmasDolly said...

Hey, I might be able to help here. Everybody is different. I find that if I wake up in the middle of the night & take a my pain killers & I can fall back asleep, but if I woke up because of my kidneys & take a pain killer & I can fall asleep again, but if I wake up because I've been laying to long I find if I take a pain killer (I take vicodin for the Spinal Stenosis) I go to the bathroom & then take my comforter and cover up with it on the recliner I can fall asleep. So if you can make any sense of that at all. OMG I'm so losing it. Are we laughing yet? I am I'm such a ditz some times. LOL WHO LUVS YA BABY! FEEL BETTER! Soft hugs & smooches! CM

Crochet Addict UK said...

Hope you feel better soon!
When you sleep do you dream a lot? I have CFS and if I don't take any medication I can't go into a deep sleep. Because I am moving and dreaming all night I am more tired and in a lot of pain in the morning. My doctor has put me on a low dose of amitriptyline. This helps me get into the deep sleep and get the rest I need.