Friday, June 1, 2012

Featured Blogger(s) Friday-Roaring Vintage

Social media is just a magnificent spectacle of the world wide web-when someone features, promotes, tweets, Facebooks you, your blog, your work, you turn right back around and do the same!

This is the case with not one but both of my featured bloggers for today, Amber and Tori of They Roared Vintage.

They included one of my vintage necklaces in a blog post of theirs, contacted me to let me know and I was so smitten with them and their website, I HAD to share ^.^


I liked the colors they used for their answers so I went ahead and left them :)

Q. What’s your name and blog? What other information would you like to share?

Tori: The name of our shop and blog is “They Roared Vintage”, but the blog isn’t strictly vintage-related. It follows whatever is on our minds at the moment.

Amber: Tori does almost all of our blogging right now, but I’m starting to write, too.

Q. Why did you choose that name for your blog?

 Tori: I was looking through a book of mine one day, and I saw this photograph of hippies in 1969 at Woodstock. In the photo, they were ecstatically happy and cheering for Jefferson Airplane, but it looked to me like they were roaring, and they were wearing all these amazing, fringey, feathery clothes. At that moment, I thought, “They’re roaring vintage.” The name just stuck.

Amber: Tori had already picked the name by the time she and I decide to join forces, and I LOVE it. Plus, roaring makes me think of being loud and courageous, and you need to be somewhat loud and courageous to rock the vints these days.
Q. Why did you start blogging?

Tori: I’m a writeaholic.
Amber: Writing is therapeutic and fun, and it helps people get to know us, our shop, and what we like.

Q. What kind of stuff do you cover with your blog? Is there a specific genre you write about or is the sky the limit?

Tori: A lot of the blog deals with vintage style and icons, to go hand-in-hand with our shop and tastes. But I also like to write a lot about contemporary fashion, photography, literature, music, and style figures. Or if I’ve had a particularly interesting evening or something like that.

Amber: Tori’s blogs are arty, stylish, and very cool. Even when she’s just writing about whatever pops into her head, it stills manages to be relevant and trendy. I’m just starting to write with her, and I will write about anything that’s amusing to me at the moment. In a few months, I think I’ll look back at my writing and say it’s a compilation of daydreams.

Q. What is one must read post that you have written {Include Link}?

Tori: I wrote one not too long ago about how vintage has influenced my style since I was a kid. I’m proud of it because it took a lot of remembering and organizing. Also, it’s one of my more
personal blog posts.  But I think my favorite blog post is “20 Favorite Live Performances”. That one is almost just as personal.

Amber: Everyone must read one I haven’t finished yet, called “My California Dream”. In the meantime, check out this one featuring how to dress in vintage for the office:

Q. Name one thing you love about your blogging job.

Tori: It keeps me writing every daya dream come true.  

Amber: I love…not being the only writer. I love to read all of Tori’s posts!

Q. Name one thing you’re not quite fond of about your blogging job.

Tori: I can’t. I love everything about it.

Amber: What T said.

Q. What’s one random fact about you?

Tori: I’m 100% phobic about gum of any kind.

Amber: I'm half Lithuanian.

Q. Inspiration comes in many forms for different people. What inspires you?

Tori: The Beatles. Jack White. Joan Crawford. Paul Thomas Anderson. Janis Joplin. Woody Allen. Matthew Weiner. Nina Simone. Kurt Vonnegut. Jon Brion. Ricky Gervais. Anjelica Huston. God. My husband. Jack White again.

Amber: I’m inspired by amazing design in many forms: architecture, nature, fashion, everyday objects, and mechanical things. Also God, my husband, and delicious, healthy food.
Q. Where else can we find you(Personal Website, Etsy Shop, Twitter, Facebook, Etc.)?

Tori: Our Etsy shop is at, and we’re also on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, and Picasa. I am especially proud of our Vimeo (videos) and our Tumblr (vintage photo archive).
Amber: All of what Tori said, but especially our Facebook page, It has some of the coolest stuff on Facebook-art, music, writing, fashion photos, and lovely clothes. I also made a modeling portfolio site that hasn’t been updated in a million days, but feel free to check it out.

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