Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dino Races!

I was recently invited to a premier party for the Pixar movie Brave last week. Thankfully I was feeling good enough to go and my wonderful boyfriend was willing to drive me nearly 2 hours towards Chicago for the grand affair :)

We arrived quite earlier then planned, so we decided to walk around the little strip mall the movie theater was located in--I must say, I think I know where I was meant to live; once we pulled into this place, I saw a sign advertising not only the movie theater, but a yoga studio, a sushi bar, AND a Whole Foods, the holy grail of grocery stores!

Jake had never been to Whole Foods, so you best believed I coerced dragged him in. This is a boy who is used to shopping at Walmart for everything, so it was extremely funny to see the dumbfounded look on his face at the prices (I will admit, they are pricey but you're buying quality here).

As my mom always says, "You either pay now in quality food or later in health care bills!"

While cruising through the isles, we came across a display with tiny, plastic wind up toys and you would have thought the two of us had won the lottery! Of course we had to pick up a souvenir from our fun day out and these were it ^.^


FYI, he wanted me to let everyone know that he tried SO. HARD. to balance that little bugger on his nose ^.^

And for your enjoyment, I put together this little video that just goes to show you give us something small and random and we can make our own damn fun!


Rebecca said...

get got talent cute dino by the way and did you enjoy the movie

Jennifer S. said...

Haha fun!! Sorry we missed that part of the event. lol I am obsessed with Whole Foods, too. Even how they display their foods is enticing.

Unknown said...

too funny!!!! lol
Did Jake cut his hair a little?

Cindy said...

What a cute post! Love that little wind-up dino. We have every dino imaginable (except one like this!) - my 3 1/2 year old is totally obsessed with them!