Thursday, May 10, 2012

Health Update Thursday(5/10)

I have good news and I have bad news...

The bad news: I'm still basically where I left you last H.U.T.

The good news: I just got what I was expecting so hopefully within the next few days I'll be back up and moving.

I honestly can't remember the last time I was actually OUT of the house; I think it might have been last Saturday for about an hour, but I'm not quite sure. That's what happens when you're stuck in your room in bed most days-time seems to run together and you have no idea what day, month, or year it is (thank god for the calendar and clock on my computer and phone or I'd be lost!).

The past couple have days have not been too kind to me. Even though I'm still in an upright position (I'd usually be crumpled up on the bathroom floor by now), this month has come with a lot of unbearable joint, muscle and nerve pain that has me stuck in bed unable to move a lot because it's too painful.

As of right now, Aspirin and Excedrin PM are my bffs.

I just keep reminding myself that after all this is done and over with, things will go back to "normal." I put that in quotes because "normal" is my personal normal of daily up and downs.

Before the arrival of you-know-who, I had been taking one detox bath a day for the last two days and let me tell you, they knocked me on my ass! That's when I definitely know I'm in toxic overload which usually happens around this time of month. My body just doesn't want to seem to detox those toxins!

Oh, the other thing I noticed in regards to my period is eating certain foods; If I stay away from wheat, gluten, dairy, and sugar, it seems to help things tremendously. My mom pointed out something to me and it seems to be true: I can eat pretty much anything (within reason that is) the 2 weeks after my period and I'm generally fine. The 2 weeks before, however, I can't process ANYTHING and I have some nasty reactions, even if it's only a little bit of something.

Quite interesting if I do say so myself.

Even though I've been out of commission lately, I've been keeping myself busy, which does help. I have a project in the works and my blog is getting a lot of action lately-I'm nearly up to 900 followers!!

I'm trying to figure out something special to do for you all :)

Until next time!

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Unknown said...

quite interesting indeed....I wonder if it could be hormonal-related?