Thursday, April 5, 2012

A New Kind of Racing-Spartan Race

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spartan Race for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


As my readers may or may not know, I'm a work out fanatic! Seriously, I love that burn you get when you're going through a workout and {while some call me a nutball} I love that workout soreness the next day; it lets me know I actually DID something to deserve being sore and to me, it's beautiful.

I like several different things when it comes to my exercise-my favorites consist of running on the treadmill, pole dancing and yoga. That's not the extent of what I do, however. When I find something that interests me, I check it out a little more.

Cue Spartan Racing.

What the heck is THAT you might ask?

Spartan racing is a new way to workout that pushes your body and mind to do and be its best through their multitude of different races and obstacle courses. Choose from a muddy 3+ mile event with 10 or more obstacles all the way up to a 40+ mile event!

So, regardless of whether you're a racing expert or a which-way-do-I-go beginning, you can choose what race fits best with your level! Not only can you work at your own level, but Spartan Race is designed to be fun for you and the whole family.

As they say, it's as easy as signing up, showing up, and never, EVER giving up.

Don't forgot that besides the races, provide its participants with a daily workout, a weekly newsletter, and inspiring blogs that will help you achieve your goal and cross that finish line within 45 days!

If you haven't already, I would definitely check out Spartan Race and see what it's all about-Who knows, maybe you'll find a race that calls to you ;)

Still a little confused? Check out their FAQ Page.

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Unknown said...

racing and running uh? Not really my cup of tea, now walking is another story.....