Friday, March 9, 2012

Fracture Picture Frame *Review*

Any kind of pictures bring me great joy-they can be personal pictures of family and friends, pictures of places I would like to see one day, inspirational pictures that pick me up when I'm feeling sad, or funny pictures that give me a good laugh when one is needed.

Regardless of what type of picture it is, I enjoy being able to display said pictures around my house; especially in my room where I can see them each and every day.

I have several picture frames with photos of friends located in my room, but nothing like the Fracture picture frame I was lucky enough to win over at Coupon Clippin' Mommy back in August of last year.

Not sure what the heck a Fracture is? Here's a little picture that sums it up:

As stated above, it's as easy as 1. Upload a photo, 2. Customize it, and 3. Hang up and enjoy!

Of course, I won my frame back at the end of August last year and placed my order ON Christmas eve {since that's when code expired}, so it's understandable at the time I had to wait for my picture, but let me tell you, the wait was SO totally worth it!

The frame I won was a 12" Fracture, but they offer anywhere from 8" all the way up to a custom sized Fracture if you really wanted it, and they're prices are extremely reasonable for the quality you're getting.

The package came in the mail and was so securely done up, it actually took me a little while to get it open. LOL

When I finally got past the packaging and opened it up, I was literally dazzled by the crisp and amazingly clear picture inside. When they refer to their frames as "The 'HDTV' of photo framing," they are NOT kidding!

I was so impressed with the Fracture company, from the shipping and packaging, to the quality of the frame, to the wonderful personality of the folks I worked with, even down to the screw included in the package to hang your frame.

Did they think of everything or what!?

You can check out their website at, like them on their personal Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter!

**Disclaimer:: I won the product I reviewed in the above post, so no, I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed above are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated**

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