Monday, March 12, 2012

Angela's Attic and a Bunch of Pictures

I visit a lot of blogs daily from review and giveaway blogs to mommy blogs to crafting blogs and beyond-I have my favorites and my friends that I make sure I visit when I can or they've posted new content, one of which is Cindy over at Sweet Bead Studio.

I always see her flea market and antique store adventures and I'm proud to say, I FINALLY was able to have my own antiquing adventure over the weekend thanks to my lovely mother :)

The first in a loooong time!

{Angela's Attic}

{My favorite section to look at}

{Wouldn't want to run into THIS
                       guy in a dark alley}

{Nerd Alert!}

                                                                                                         {I love a good Foo Dog}

Not only did we get to go to an antique shop, but we also hit up the Salvation Army which happened to be nearby. I scored some goodies from there, too. Here are a couple of my favorite purchases from the day:

THE cutest vintage travel box-In a little rough shape, but a little TLC will do it some good!

I found the cutest vintage key hidden in between some things on a shelf-Just goes to show you digging around can bring out the best treasures :)                        

 I've always wanted to use crystal prisms like the ones to the right in my jewelry making, so I'm excited!

3 semi-precious stone pendants; one Lapis, one Amethyst, and one I believe is Smokey Quartz, but I can't be sure about that last one. 

All a whopping .99 cent each, which, you really can't beat.

All in all, I enjoyed myself immensely :)


Cabootique said...

Ooh, this looks so fun! I love going to antique stores - this one looks like a good one.

Unknown said...

ohhhh lovely!!! I always get lost in placed like this!

Terra Heck said...

How cool, especially the vintage key find!