Tuesday, March 20, 2012

4H Etsy Fame!

Since opening my Etsy store(s), I've had a few different things happen to me that wouldn't have happened if not for the incredible reach of the WWW.  This would be one of those incredible happenings; The other day, I was contacted by a man who works as someone who designs museum exhibits.

Here is the extent of the message that was sent to me:

Hello Kayla,

I saw your photo for the 4H pins you are selling on etsy (
pictured above) and wanted to ask if you'd be open to allowing usage of one of these photos in a museum? I am a museum designer with a firm in Oakland, CA (West Office Exhibition Design) and we are developing exhibits and graphics for an organization in Des Moines, IA, called the World Food Prize Foundation. This organization recognizes people who make enormous strides in agriculture towards fighting world hunger. One of the exhibits features a historical figure, Jessie Field Shambaugh, who is credited with laying the foundation for what would later become the 4-H Club, hence, the desire to use your photo of the 4-H pins.

If alright with you, usage of your photo would be accompanied with a photo credit line. How would you like to be acknowledged?

Please contact me to discuss further. We are eager to make a connection with you as your photo works so nicely with the graphic (
They included a rough draft of the graphic, but I'm not going to include it in this post).

I can be reached via etsy or at the below contact info. Hope to speak with you shortly!


Danielle Wong

Seriously!? That's SO. FREAKING. COOL! My photo is going to accompany a museum exhibit in Des Moines, Iowa and it's also going to have my name under it! Hopefully one day I'll be able to go see it in its entirety :)

If anyone visits this particular museum or lives close by and decides to take a trip, please let me know what you think!


Cabootique said...

Whoa, that's so awesome! Congrats :)

Terra Heck said...

Very exciting news!!

Unknown said...

the wonders of the web!! Congrats Kayla, this is BIG!