Monday, February 6, 2012

The World's Most Curious Bottle App!

Many of you know that I'm 21 (just turned 22 this past year) and I'm loving every minute of it! I'm still not completely alcohol-savvy, but I'm slowly learning through my very minimal alcoholic encounters thus far.

I do know that I enjoy a nice glass of red wine every now and again-There's something about a glass of wine, a bath, and a good book that just puts your whole body into relaxation mode, even just thinking about it!

I'll probably never be a true wine connoisseur; knowing which vintage is better or what wine to pair with which food, and I'm okay with that. Brancott Estate isn't going to let my lack of wine knowledge stop me from enjoying their wine, however, thanks to their new The World's Most Curious Bottle app!

"Brancott Estate, a winery based out of New Zealand, just created and launched their free "World's Most Curious Bottle" app and are putting QR codes on all of their wine bottles. You can use the app to scan the code printed on the label with your phone's camera to get food pairing suggestions and more information on things like the aroma, which is great when you're on the go and don't have time to research what wine you want to have with dinner. There are 14 unique experience ranging from taking a tour of Brancott Estate Winery to making music on your phone."

Don't believe me? Just take a quick look at this video for proof!

If you're a true wine connoisseur, or like me, you just like to drink it but would love to learn more, download The World's Most Curious Bottle application for FREE and get started on your "truly interactive wine journey!

Here are the two places you can download it:

**Disclaimer:: I was in no way compensated for the above post and all opinions expressed are 100% mine and mine alone unless otherwise stated**


Krishenkas Treasures said...

Nope not going to download that would take me from actually drinking it:) interesting though and enjoyed the post though. Much love

Krishenkas Treasures said...

oh ok I had to go look (it's in my nature) now what is this? "WHAT IF a single bottle of wine could reveal a world of fascinating experiences and visual wonder?
is this a wine I should rush out and buy? Hell yeh!!!

Unknown said...

I think that's actually a really cool app, very handy!