Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Call me Ms. Bouncing Betty

I'm in a slump.

A funk.

A standstill.

A plateau.

I'm S.T.U.C.K.

I've heard this a lot from several people and read it in several places in the past:

Pick with one thing and stick to it because if you're bouncing all over the place, you'll never learn anything you want to learn, become a master at something you want to master, or get anything accomplished.

Whether it was worded exactly like that or not, I don't know, but it makes total sense to me! And you can just go right ahead and call me Ms. Bouncing Betty o.O

No matter how hard I try to pick something I want to do and stick to it, my mind is going a zillion miles an hour and I feel like I NEED to be doing more; so I do.

I blog.
I enter contests.
I try to learn something.
I try to learn something else.
I make jewelry.
I list things on my Etsy.
I clean.

Mind you, this is pretty much all at the same time, too.

Like I said, no matter how hard I try, doing just one thing makes me feel like I'm missing out on so many others, then I get anxious that I missing out on things, then I can't concentrate, then I bounce....It kind of sounds like I'm ADD.

Those with ADD, does this sound like you?

I just have no idea what to DO with myself! I want to focus on one thing and actually accomplish something rather than be all scatterbrained and feel overwhelmed with everything I'm trying to take on all at once.

Does anyone have any suggestions, advice, or words of wisdom? They would be much appreciated right now.


Unknown said...

awww not sure if it's ADD but I can sure relate. Usually what ends up happening are 2 things:
1) I force my self to stop everything and just take long relaxing walks or baths and try again
or 2) The anxiety usually take the best of me and I brake in some good solid cry (happened yesterday for a matter of fact). Get it all out, feel better and start over.
I hope you find your way :)

Jenine said...

I'm bouncing right along with you. Perhaps we should get those bouncy balls with the handles and form a bouncing club!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

No advice because you know me... I'm coming out of my funk just as much as you.
Hope things get better for you.

kailani said...

Sorry but I'm usually doing 10 things at once, too. Then I wonder why I forget to buy milk or make my kids take a bath twice because I forgot they already took one. Seriously! LOL!

XmasDolly said...

Please go to this link I have something for you there. Sorry, I forgot to tell everyone. Too much on my mind I guess. Luv ya!

Cat Davis said...

I can certainly relate, there's a lot of things that I love doing, want to be doing and I always have this need to do it ALL. It's a Type A personality thing but I've just learned to accept it and try to focus my energy into one passion.