Thursday, February 16, 2012

Health Update Thursday(2/16)

I have no good news to report to all my friends and readers today.

I know I left you with the knowledge that Tom was closing in, and boy did he leave quite the lasting impression this month's visit; a fearful and agonizing lasting impression to say the very least.

This was probably one of the worst one's I've experienced before-Usually the intolerable pain lasts for a couple hours at the very least, but this time around, it lasted for a good 10+ hours, not only including the horrendous cramping that I normally get, but also incredible left-hand side ovary pain that I've been dealing with since late November.

That being said, I'm still out of commission.

Our M.I. has said that the spirochetes that cause my Lyme Disease have all congregated in my 'lady junk' region and have built 'houses' (cysts), so with all the stuff that I'm doing to kill them off and rid them from my body, well, it's pissing them off.

Hence my 2 day herx reaction.

Currently, there is a great deal of pain, walking is very, VERY minimal, I'm dealing with a 2 day headache, and I generally just feel like crap, which hopefully means what I'm doing is working!

Tomorrow we're going to try for an apple cider vinegar bath to rid even more toxins from my body, and possibly make me feel even worse O.o

Mentally things are rough, but I'm doing my best to deal with that, too.

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but no new or good news to share :(
Until next time, head held high, onward and upward and all that jazz.


Cabootique said...

I hope you start feeling better soon, and I hope your apple cider vinegar bath works! Sending good thoughts & vibes your way.

Unknown said...

Awwww Kayla {HUGS} Anyway that the cistys could be surgical removed and you will be done with it? I know surgery it's not always the best answer, but sometime is the best solution....I dunno!! more {HUGS}

Krafty Max Originals said...

Oh my dearest, I am so sorry that you are not feeling good. Please remember that even on those BAD days there are so many out here that LOVE you! Try to get better and stop 'pissing' your body off!?!? :) ~KM

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Poor dear friend. I know you are trying to use homeopathic means to take care of your disease, but I sometimes worry that you are doing more damage to your body.
You know I only say this because I care for you. I know that you have had some bad experience with conventional medicine, but I urge you to try another physician to see if you can get some help.