Monday, January 16, 2012

Mailbox Monday(1/16)

Mailbox Monday divulges into the inner workings of my mailbox throughout the week. From books to jewelry to free samples to random magazines and letters-You never know what will be in the mail this week...


Since I've been gone for over a month+, I decided to just pick and choose a few things that I received since my last Mailbox Monday post...

 Luna sent off these absolutely amazing holiday care package freebies to those who were lucky enough to snag one!

Guess you can call me Ms. Lucky ^.^

Inside you'll find a wonderful little holiday greeting post card, along with a full size Chocolate Peppermint bar (that didn't last very long) and a matching Chocolate Peppermint lip balm.

Thanks to my lovely Aunt and the present of money she gave me for my birthday, I was able to splurge on myself and get something I've wanted for ages...

The whole Golden Girls series!!

*squeal of pure delight*

Thanks to my cyber mommy Dolly of XmasDolly and a contest she ran, I was able to "walk away" for lack of a better term with a whole set of Carmex's new healing lotion :)

Another one of my wins, this time courtesy of Continuum Games of Mumfection.

Who doesn't love them some family games?! I really can't wait to play Family Talk with my boyfriend-We're always looking for new things to talk about :)

 I won myself yet more lotion, this time from Burt's Bees through one of their holiday Facebook promotions!

It's milk and honey and it smells oh-so-delicious ^.^

Don't you love it when you receive freebies in the mail that you completely forgot you even applied for?

It's like a surprise in your mailbox everyday :)

I got a whole set of 3 different kinds of Oregon Chai teas that I'm quite excited to try.

What did you get in the mail this week?


XmasDolly said...

Glad you like the lotion. Me too. I use it on my oh so dry feet & legs & it seems to work. Golden Girls huh that's wonderful. Don't miss Betty White's 90th Birthday bash tomorrow I think it is & after her new show debuts. My thing was "Charmed" I finally got the entire collection, and I still watch it on TV. I love that show. I was missing one and finally got it half price on EBay. woo hoo.

Unknown said...

glad to see you back and congrats on the wins :)

Terra Heck said...

Nice stash of stuff! I just used up all my Carmex healing lotions and creams. It's one of my favorites for dry skin. I'm going to have to head to the store soon to get more.