Friday, November 4, 2011

Chirply Greeting Cards *Review*

Whenever I find a company that I think is just the coolest thing I've seen in awhile, you all know that I HAVE to share, right?

It's my duty as a blogger, and in this case, as a fellow artist, too!

It all started with a giveaway won over at my friend Callie's site, Jamerican Spice, for a $20 credit on a site called I had checked out the site for the mandatory entry, but didn't really look at what they did--I thought it was just another website that created greeting cards.

I was W.R.O.N.G!

Here's a little information courtesy of

"Chirply is a community of artists and design lovers that want to make better stuff through better design! The community collectively decides what the best submitted designs are, and then those designs are made into things we use everyday like greeting cards, notebooks, and art prints & posters!"

Different artists create unique designs and submit them to Chirply, where an Interwebby audience vote on which design they like best; the winning artists have their designs published and sold on! The best part is they get a percentage from every sale of their own winning designs-How incredible is that?!

Not only are the designs made into greeting cards, they're made into notebooks, art prints, and posters as well-so much for my regular greeting card company angle O.o

As an artist and crafter myself, I really appreciate companies like Chirply who work to support fellow artists in their artistic quest. It's so wonderful to know that our work, as well as the people, are supported.

My thoughts:

When browsing through their site to choose my cards (a $20 credit gets you 5 cards), I was just smitten with everything!

I'm a very unique and whimsical person, so the cards that are displayed definitely captured my attention from the get-go-It was just figuring out the ones I wanted.

After I decided upon my 5 cards, I checked out and eagerly awaited the arrival of my treasures :)

Which, might I add, came in record time! I was very happy and, truth be told, a little surprised with the shipping and the time it took to get my cards.

Amongst the cards that I chose, two of my favorites have to be:

Just as I was with everything else, the packaging of these cards was beyond what I imagined-Each card and envelope come in a sealed clear protective plastic sleeve with a single Chirply business card. Very simple and very impressive!

I guess my favorite thing about this company aside from the promotion of its artist and their work is the attention to detail they create, from the shopping, to the ordering process, to the shipping and packaging; they have the customer in mind the whole way through.

If you're interested in learning more about, visit the site, or check them out on Twitter and Facebook!

**Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way to write this post-I won a $20 credit in an online giveaway through the blog Jamerican Spice. All opinions and thoughts expressed in the above post are 100% mine**


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the kind post, Kayla! We really appreciate it!

gagan @ chirply :)

Unknown said...

Sounds really cool! love your cards!