Thursday, October 20, 2011

Health Update Thursday(10/20)

When I last updated you guys, Tom was impending-I'm happy to say he came and went with minimal damage, but only because I was drugged up with enough Excedrin PM for those 3 days to last a person at LEAST 2 weeks according to the warning label (you're only supposed to take 2 in a 24 hour period).

And you know what-I'm okay with that!

On a side note, if I ever find the person who invented Excedrin PM, I will marry them and have their babies!

Moving on.

Unfortunately, unlike the past few months where I was down a little before, during, and popped back up after Tom, this time is different. I haven't popped back up yet and I seem to still find myself not walking and bedbound :(

I'm going to admit something to you guys...

I put on a brave front a lot of the time, but I'm downright scared.

I'm scared of this time of year because it usually marks my health decline and the inevitable 'relapse' until the Spring. That's 5 months give or take of not walking and being in bed off and on (more on then off). 5 months of unbearable joint, muscle, and nerve pain. 5 months of seeing nothing but the inside of my room, house, and the back of the neighbor's houses outside my window. 5 months of the emotional rollercoaster I feel each year this happens.

Now you kind of understand why I'm scared.

I'm doing my best to keep hope alive and a positive attitude that this year could  will be different, but it's definitely one of those things in the back of your mind....What if....

Thank you all for your continual prayers, thoughts, and loving energies-I honestly couldn't do it without you guys! You are definitely part of what keep me going each day :)


Krafty Max Originals said...

You have my blessings, thoughts and most of all my best wishes. If I can help in any way - just a ear to lean on or someone to shout at when life is bad - please let me know! I think - NO - I KNOW that this time will be different! ~KM

Cabootique said...

Sending you good vibes and well wishes!

Unknown said...

I can totally see why you're scared, who wouldn't be??
But think about it, you survived this more than once already. You can do it girl!