Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Northwoods Adventure

Here I am, back fresh and (somewhat) rejuvenated from my weekend in the Northwoods!

It has been so long since we've been up there (we estimated at least a year and a half), that I forgot the incredible feeling up north instills in one who inhabits or vacations there-hence my inspirational quote today.

I also forgot how HARD it is to come back to reality! Although, I bet that is the line of thinking among everyone who has to come back from a particularly lovely vacation...

Regardless, I'm back with pictures to share!

 This is a gentleman we saw on our trip up...I think we found hoarders next story O.o

Ahhh, Ciocia's cabin :)

My dad, his boat, and his big fish (Hehe!)

Sitting Bull and I-Ain't he handsome ^.^

We were able to hit up a craft fair and tasting event in a neighboring town over the weekend. While walking and checking out the crafting booths, we ran across an apple tree! I swear, those apples were the best I've ever tasted and they were right off the tree xD

The fam!

We were lucky enough to feed a wild eagle! How awesome is that?! We would catch a fish, kill it, and toss it out into the lake where the eagle would fly low over us, talons extended, and snatch it up. 

It was an amazing sight to see :)

My cute little bass (I wasn't supposed to be in the sun, so that explains my sweatshirt and hood)

Poor baby didn't want that bath O.o
He didn't want to go home either!
He was in his glory swimming in the lake all day long.

Hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend like my family and I did!


Terra Heck said...

So glad to see you and your family had a wonderful time. That looks like the size of our fish at the campsite!

Unknown said...

ooohhhh that place looks AMAZING! Glad to see you and your family having fun!

Jenine said...

Looks like you all had so much fun. That first picture just cracked me up. How in the world did that guy get all that stuff to stay on his truck? And those little fish... that's not even enough for a little snack! :)

Bonita12 said...

My family stayed in a cabin in the Northwoods also at the beginning of the summer.
Not sure where you stayed but we love our time at Plum Lake in Sayner, Wisconsin.