Saturday, August 6, 2011

My First 'Official' Wedding Invite

I know I've been M.I.A the past week or so, but it has been truly crazy around these parts! I was busy, busy, busy for a week straight and then all of a sudden, health issues arose, which stopped my go-go-going mojo for a bit. 

I plan on blogging a lot of it, which is why I bring this post to you today :)

One of my really good friends got married last Saturday and both my friend and I were invited to her wedding. It's been quite a long time coming for her and her fiance, too. They met when we were all in high school. They dated for awhile and he finally asked her to marry him, but she wanted to postpone until she graduated college. 

Long story short, that was about 3 years ago, and she's almost done with school, so she decided she wanted to (finally) get married!

The wedding was very casual and the weather for the outdoor venue was just gorgeous-a bit hot-but incredible none-the-less. The ceremony was very short (couldn't have been more then 20 minutes), but that was because both the bride and groom just wanted something very simple.

My friend/"date" and I waiting for the ceremony to begin

The bride and groom pouring two viles of sand into one-similar to the lighting of the union candle

 The kiss ^.^

As they walked up the hill, the wedding party silly-stringed the bride and groom!

 The bride and I-I kid you not, when I first saw her coming down the hill, I nearly bawled like a little baby O.o

 Candid shot! Not exactly sure what we were laughing/reacting to. LOL

 Mementos from the wedding: the bride's bouquet, the unity sand container, petals from the flower girls, and the ring bearer's pillow.

The traditional "smashing-of-the-cake." It was so cute-All the bride wanted to do was smash the cake in the grooms face. She even admitted it! I love the way they did the cakes though; they had two, little personalized  cakes for themselves with each of their initials, and a mix of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for the guests. 

They were damn delicious, too xD

 High school classmates and friends together again

As we were leaving, I caught a glimpse of the newlywed couple's car and HAD to take a picture.

After the ceremony, they had a small gathering with family, friends, and food. No dancing, no bar-just a very simple get together. I can't say it's what I would want mine to be like if I ever got married, but I can definitely understand and respect their choices :)

After the wedding and reception, there was yet ANOTHER after party at the couple's house. Again, very small and intimate. Just a bunch of friends who got together and played a very long and quite entertaining round of Apples to Apples.

Anyway, this is my first 'official' wedding-you know, the wedding that's not a mandatory-attend family event, but one that YOUR friend(s) invited you to. It might be silly, but I've been waiting for this 'official wedding' event as a mark of my adult life, and I'm very proud to say that I was able to attend!

Many, many congratulations to the happy couple :)


Terra Heck said...

Congrats to your friends! You look very nice in the blue dress. I like the way they did the cake/cupcakes. Very neat.

Unknown said...

Sounds like an adorable wedding and you look hot girl!!!