Friday, August 12, 2011

Health Update Thursday(8/12)-Part 2

Bright and early the next day(bright and early for me anyway since I usually sleep in until 11:00), we got ready, gathered whatever we needed for the 1 1/2 hour car ride to Madison, jumped in the car, and were off.

The trip there was pretty uneventful-I brought several books (5), so I was pretty occupied the whole way there.

We had a little trouble finding the office, so after the computer-generated printed directions failed us, we broke out the smartphones, which was just what was needed!

We honestly had no idea what to expect when we finally arrived-We had only heard about the guy from word of mouth, and from what we read on the internet while getting the address for the failed directions.

When I first met this guy, I immediately flashed to the movie, Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts; If you've seen this movie, you have seen the very sweet, very old wise man, Ketut Liyer (pictured to the right). This doctor was almost a dead ringer!

Very cute. Very old. Speaking broken English, and very wise-He had a story for everything!

Anyway, getting back to the appointment.

This doctor was not only a MD (Medical Doctor), but he also had a career as an anesthesiologist before he "retired," as well as studying acupuncture and homeopathy. Needless to say, we focused more along the natural homeopathy line of diagnosis and treatment.

I'm thinking of doing a separate post on Homeopathy for those of you who don't know what it is-Actually, I think it would help ME as well, so that's something to look forward to ;)

We were directed to the back, and ushered into a very tiny office. I was made to sit in a large chair in the middle, and he used a machine that's highly valued in Europe for over 50 years! It's amazing how Europe is leagues ahead of us in these type of things. The machine pointed out that I indeed had chronic Lyme Disease, and along with that diagnosis, it also came up with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Unfortunately, we couldn't test for anything else because, as he explained to me in his broken English, I'm like an onion-The Lyme and Arthritis were the top layer and before I could explore, treat, and eradicate what other layers below, I had to peel off, or eliminate, the top.

The good news-Eradicate we are trying to do! I'm even on 100mg of Doxycycline twice a day! Can you believe it!? The more bewildering part aside from me being on Western medicine: I'm handling it! There are some side effects like stomach troubles and queasiness, and of course I can't go out into the sun or heat, but it definitely could be worse.

Along with the Doxy, I'm on several traditional Homeopathic drops. These are taken three times a day thirty minutes before or after any sort of food, and held under the tongue for two minute so the nutrients in them can be absorbed.

As we paid for the two appointments and our plethora of supplements, we were given appointments to come back to see how we're doing. My journey is expected to be a long one, and I'm mostly okay with that-The worst things about new doctors and treatments is the money that goes along with it, but what are you going to do?

My next appointment is at the beginning of September, so I'm just continuing with everything religiously until then, along with a few other things my M.I. threw in.

These people threw down the 'C' word...


So as of right now, I'm cautiously optimistic. VERY cautiously optimistic. But it's always good to have that positive attitude going into these kinds of things. As my boyfriend's mother told me when we were talking last week, "It's important to stay positive because if you're not, I believe that things may not work as well."

You all can expect to be taken on this journey with me, so no fears! You will be updated and kept in the loop with everything :)

Oh, and speaking of being kept in the loop, those bites/rashes I had? Well through some trial and error and a whole lot of conjecture on my mother, my boyfriend, and my account, AND the wonder of the world wide web, we realized that I was somehow reinfected with Lyme! The bites/rash was what us in the Lyme world called an EM rash, or Erythema Chronicum Migrans, which is the tell tale 'bullseye' rash that is conjectured in most affected people.

Very ironic that I get it 7 1/2 years late, huh?!

I'm not sure what this means, but I'm sure we'll find out O.o


Terra Heck said...

Sounds very hopeful! Here's sending many positive vibes your way. Keep us updated.

Jenine said...

Okay two things.

First, you probably know this but avoid taking anything with calcium (yogurts, milk, calcium supplement, etc.) three hours before AND after taking Doxycycline. The medication inhibits calcium absorption.

Secondly, I'm sure you already know the pros/cons of homeopathic treatments but I'm just gonna throw myself out there anyway and say that scientific evidence shows that homeopathic preparations have no affect other than being placebos. People that swear by them insist that the solutions have a "memory" of the original material however those solutions have been diluted so much that there really is nothing left in there.

That being said, there is an awesome mind/body power of belief. And if you truly believe that what you are taking will be beneficial to you, then it probably will be on some level.

Other than the homeopathic stuff (sorry - just my opinion on it), sounds like the doctor is on the right path. Question though, Doxycycline is well known for the treatment of Lyme Disease and other ailments as it's an all-around antibiotic. Why did your other doctors not put you on it? Or did they but stopped treatment?

Unknown said...

Cure. OMG. I pray for a cure for you EVERY DAY. And I sure hope it's coming, it must be. {HUGS}
I believe the mind could be very powerful and you, my dear, are all set to win this.

Unknown said...

I believe in the mind/body connection too Kayla. You've got such a great positive attitude, so that's got to help a lot!! I'm rootin' for ya, and I'll be following along the best I can when you update us! :)

Anonymous said...

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Charlene Canfield said...

Oh Kayla I am also praying for you. You are so young and such a wonderful kind person you deserve great health & much happiness!

Anonymous said...

K, this sounds SO promising! My fingers and toes are crossed baby!

Blogger Broadcast said...

Came by from MMMM. Hope to swing back by. Looks like I am missing stuff here and have to catch-up to know what's going on...

vanita said...

I'm so glad you're seeing a homeopath. i've been told one could do wonders for my psoriasis. unfortunately it IS bloody expensive. so for now I doctor myself. i look forward to hearing how this goes for you. thanks so much for sharing.