Thursday, August 11, 2011

Health Update Thursday(8/11)-Part 1

Buckle up ladies and gentlemen; this is going to be one heck of a H.U.T!

When I last left you(all the way back in July, for shame!), things were pretty uneventful-I was doing pretty well minus the impending visit from the ever-so-torturous Tom, but other then that, life was looking up for me. 

And so it has continued in that pattern for the past couple of weeks! Everyone-my family, friends, and boyfriend-even said that they were so proud that I was doing so very well. I was getting out and hanging with friends. Going to bars. I even got to see one of my good friends get married :)

 All was going very well, and I was finding myself becoming hopeful after each day I didn't relapse or get sick.

Then came the Sunday my boyfriend and I traveled down to Freeport, Illinois to visit his fellow band mate and spend the day with him and his girlfriend. We had a fabulous time-Grilling chicken and hot dogs outdoors, watching movies, playing with puppies (okay, that last one was all me). It was hotter then hell on a Summer day in August, so I of course, I opted for shorts.

When I woke up the next day, my mother told me she had made an appointment with a new doctor up in Madison...Say WHAT?! There is an amusing story to go along with this, though. My mom was at a local farmer's market, when she ran across this woman selling homemade soap bars. While talking to this woman about her soap and my sister, who suffers from skin problems, this lady told her about the doctor that cleared up her skin issues 20+ years ago. My mom was so intrigued, she came home, went online, acquired his number, called, and made an appointment.

Before she hung up, she figured, 'what the hell,' and decided to ask about me. "Do you have any luck treating chronic Lyme Disease patients?" she asked the receptionist, to which, the receptionist replied, "Dr. So-and-So has treated over 4,000 Lyme Disease patients from all over the world, and a lot of them are cured."

So, upon hearing that, she changed that one appointment into two.

Did I mention these two appointments were the NEXT day at 11:00 am!? Which means, we had to get up around 8:00am to drive the 1 1/2 to 2 hours it takes to get there by 11.

Anywho, the night prior to our appointments, I started seeing these really weird bite/rash patches on my legs that itched like mad and looked pretty gross if I do say so myself  >.< They didn't look like any mosquito bites I'D ever seen before, but I figured that's what they were and paid no attention. I figure they'd itch for a little while and then eventually fade within the week.

Check back tomorrow to see how the doctor appointment went, and to see what those bites/rashes on my legs REALLY were O.o


Jenine said...

A cliffhanger! Arrrrgh. :)

Pseudo said...

Sending good thoughts for a great appointment and a doctor who has amazing results.

Charlene Canfield said...

You left us hanging! How dare you! I am excited for you. I really hope this doctor will be able to cure you! I can't wait to hear how things went.

Unknown said...

ekkkk hope it's nothing too bad!!! Off to read the new update to find out!