Monday, July 4, 2011

Bloggie Hiatus

Due to a few realizations this past week and the fact that I've been pretty up and down with my health for a good long while now, I'm taking a temporary hiatus from blogging and whatnot to focus on the healing process.

My realizations::

1. I'm not getting better and I'm just stuck in this vicious cycle of being down, getting a little better, then completely blowing it and being down again.

2. I am NOT doing all that I can to get better {shame on me}.

I think I've just hit a point where I'm tired of it all and I'm either going to do all that I can go get better, or stop trying all together-Personally, it could go either way right about now with the way I've been feeling, but I have an amazing family, an incredible boyfriend, and true friends {real life, Lymie, and bloggie} who love me and won't let the latter happen, so as I like to say, "ONWARD!"

Don't worry, this absence is not going to be forever-I still plan on visiting and commenting when I can and I will be back before the 20th because I was included in a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a book tour, but if you don't hear from me for awhile, just know I'm working on bettering myself physically, mentally, and spiritually :)

As always, your support means the world to me, and I love each and every one of you!

P.s. Everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July!!


Jenine said...

Kayla, please let me know if there's anything I can help you with. Have a great 4th and think positively!

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Take care of yourSelf first … and all other care you give ~ to others, to your dreams, to the world, whatever! ~ will reflect like a mirror. Make sense?

Again, take care and be well!

Charlene Canfield said...

Oh Kayla, I didn't realize you had gotten so down. I continue to pray for you. I pray that you will be healed and your pain will go away.

Unknown said...

Totally understand! focus on getting better, your blog and all your friends will be here cheering for you. {HUGS} and don't give up Kayla :)

Colette S said...


I agree with focusing full time on your health!

My prayers are with you honey. You'll be great.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get plenty of rest and feel better soon. Enjoy some wonderful time outside and I am saying some prayers for you. Count your blessings you have been so wonderfully blessed. Jesus Loves YOU!!!!

Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

Oh Kayla, I know how you love blogging and connecting with your online friends - you've been a very loyal commenter of my blog and most importantly, a great blog friend to me.

I am sorry you have to leave blogging for a while but if it's for the better, then I understand your need to do it.

All the best to you and I really, really hope you feel better permanently. Soon.

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself honey! That's the most important thing...holla if you need me! XO

Cher said...

Hope it gets better than worse!

Terra Heck said...

You've struggled through a lot and always keep your chin up. Don't let it get you down now. You're an inspiration to many people. Hope you get to feeling more "on the up" soon. I've said a prayer for you.

XmasDolly said...

OH CRAP! This is what happens when I don't read my mail for a few days! Sorry I wasn't around to read this honey. You know my e-mail address whenever you need me. If you like I'll give you my number too. You can beat this thing honey, I know you can. You're strong willed, and you have the power of prayer from the whole blogging community I'm sure besides your friends, and family. We all love you dearly. Get better, get strong and remember my guardian angel is just over your shoulder covering you with the blanket of faith, health and love. HUGS - CM

BEadECLECTIC said...

I'm so sorry to hear you won't be posting for awhile, but so glad that you are focusing on getting better! I can't imagine the frustration, anger and exasperation that your illness brings on, partly because you don't show.that side of it.... You never let it win.

Take all the time you need and don't feel bad about it for a minute. We're all rooting for you!!!

kailani said...

I think we all need a little blogging downtime once in a while. Enjoy your break!