Thursday, June 16, 2011

Health Update Thursday(6/16)

I must warn you all, this is going to be a very uneventful Health Update Thursday.

I seem to have plateaued. Where I'm not completely amazing, and where I'm not completely horrible. I can't say that it bothers me at all, though, because truth is, I'm very content right now.

My M.I. gave me a list of things to take and I'm going to have to wrap and zap sometime in the near future, but other then that not much has happened good or bad. Wait, I take that back-I've been having symptoms of Tom lately, which is very odd because I still have a good 2+ weeks until his next visit...


My legs have been very wishy washy lately, too. One minute their fine and the next they're in complete pain. Then the next I'm too weak to walk. Thankfully, the past 2 days have been strong enough to get by *knock wood*

I'm always exhausted, but generally that's how I usually am-I'm just good at pushing through it. Sleeping has been getting better when I decide to go to sleep at night {there's just so much I need to get done!}.

The full moon last night has been doing it's fair share of messing with my body, too, so that was fun to go through O.o

But worry not my bloggy friends, I'm hanging in there just fine :)


Matty said...

Keep on keeping on Kayla. You're a trooper.

Unknown said...

Praying that things will ONLY improve