Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Helloooo Graphic Design Career?

I've been putzing around with the thought of getting into graphic design for awhile now, especially since I really can't do much other then blog, run my business, and sweepstakes-it-up for money and/or any form of compensation.

I know graphic designers, depending on how good they are, can make a good sum of money-I mean, computers and blogging ARE the up and coming thing as of late, so everyone wants a website that they can call their own, which is where the custom requests come into play.

I've seen quite a few blog redesigns lately, too, on several of the blogs I frequent!

The thing is, I always thought you needed to go to school and have the big fancy computer program like Adobe Photoshop to get into the whole graphic design market. If you are a graphic designer, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but that's always been my line of thinking.

The other day, I was doing what I do best and searching the web due to a nasty case of boredom when I came across an article on free photo editing software downloads, and through some research, fact checking, and a few positive reviews, the one that I chose to download was said to be pretty great. I decided to put this to the test and spent a few hours watching tutorials and playing around with it. This is what I created thus far::

So what do you think? Good start to a "career"? LOL


Colette S said...

Nothing try nothing done or something like that. I feel if this is what you want to do , then play with it and try it and see if it can definitely bring in the dough. there are so many computer work related jobs available these days.

Go for it girl!

Unknown said...

That looks pretty good! I don't think it's about the fancy programs, I think it's really the skills of the designer.

Dee said...

Heck yeah, I think it's a great idea!

Kathleen W. said...

Cute! I think graphic design is fun, and no matter what you're tastes, there's always someone who will like what you do. You don't need a degree, though it does help to either teach yourself a software program (I use photoshop, not a cheap program) or take a class at a community college on how to use it. The rest is then up to your imagination.