Thursday, April 7, 2011

Health Update Thursday(4/7)

I know I've lacked on the H.U.Ts lately, but there's not much change to report...

I'm still in bed.
Still in pain.
Still not walking.
Still not able to go to classes.

I did start a new regiment from my medical intuitive, but the catch to that is I'm going to get way worse before I get better-Hello hell-on-earth for the next few days O.o

It basically works out like this: My body is overloaded and inundated with heavy metals; heavy metals in the brain, heavy metals in the spine, heavy metals in the blood, heavy metals EVERYWHERE!

Unfortunately, eliminating these heavy metals by means of chelation is not working-My body just does NOT want to release these things! If I even attempt different ways to get rid of them (I.E. Detox baths, foods, supplements, etc.), and I have several times, the pain that I have to endure is more then any one person can take without their body going into complete shock and shutting down.

Seriously, I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, THAT pain is what we want to avoid. I know there is going to be bad pain regardless and I can handle it, but THAT pain is too much, even for me.

So, if any of you have any ideas for me, I'm all ears, and if not, thank you anyway for taking time to read this. And as always, thank you all for your love and support-It means the world to me :)


Matty said...

I feel so bad for you Kayla. My simplistic brain tells me that with modern technology and rapid advances in science and medicine, they would have this figured out. We can land on the moon, touch the bottom of the deepest ocean, sent pictures back from Jupiter, but we can't figure out your problem?

You know more about this than me, but here are some websites about getting rid of metals from your body. Maybe you've already seen them, and maybe you have tried everything they say, but just in case, here they are, and I wish you the best:

Unknown said...

OMG that sounds horrible!!! I wish I knew the answer Kayla, you know that I wish that everyday, more then anything else. You're so amazing and inspirational to me....I hope you find a way and quick. May also be spring tricking you? I broke in sever seasonal allergy this year, I guess from changing house and everything....maybe that could be ONE of the factors??? I hope whatever it is, will blow off soon :)

lfhpueblo said...

If you have heavy metals, have you been tested by a specialist for hematochromatosis or in some places called hemochromatosis? It's a genetic condition that causes the body to store too much iron and not release it, which in turn attaches to nerve cells and brain cells and any tissues they want, in an overload type of fashion. Don't let any Doctor tell you this condition only happens in South African White people. The CDC or maybe it was the NIH had an online teaching program trying to re-educate physicians about this, and how prevalent it is in many countries, including ours. I really think it was the CDC. There are many forms of this disease since it is genetic and sometimes mutates a bit in each person.
I know in Lou Gerhig's (I don't know if I spelled his name right) disease also known as ALS some patient's experience alot of pain and problems before they are diagnosed. I also know some researchers see a high copper level in these persons.
If you do have hematochromatosis the treatment right now is too do phelbotomy, which means to remove some of your over-all blood level, and this has to be done on a fairly routine time-table. Usually at first they remove blood once to two times weekly for eight weeks, and then anywhere from once every couple of weeks to once a month depending on the person. They tell you to eat no iron or low iron containing foods too.
I think they say that the people with this disease lack an enzyme the body normally produces to help the body shed the excess iron. These persons not only hurt physically in many areas, including the intestines, but are often very tired.
Note the treatment can make you tired too, but it does help to decrease some of the damage that happens if you iron levels are too high, because you're removing some of the blood which has iron in it that may attach to more tissues or cells in the body and cause damage.

lfhpueblo said...

Oh, I wanted to say too, that a normal blood test checking your iron level, is not the way to test for hematochromatosis. A Doctor should really read the recommendations from the CDC on the proper testing for this disease.

lfhpueblo said...

Another question just came to mind.... Do you sometimes smell like garlic or taste garlic in your mouth, or smell a faint smell of it in your perspiration even though you haven't ate anything with garlic with it in a few days?
If so, you may have come in contact with arsenic in some way.
Arsenic can take a very long time to leach out of the system.
If you're asking other people if they smell garlic and they don't, but you are, and there's none around, that would be something to check on.
It doesn't necessarily mean someone has plotted against you and secretly put it in sometime you ate or drank, but sometimes it is high in certain soil areas. Then if you plant a vegetable or fruit garden in that soil, it can sometimes go into the produced food, which you then consume. However if this is the case, most all family members would exhibit some of the symptoms.
I had a co-worker once when I worked threaten to kill me in front of other employees, and believe me, I watched my water bottle and lunch that I brought to work like a hawk, because I didn't trust her not to do something crazy like putting something in my food. She got fired thankfully for other things.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

OK, well, after all that, you know how much I care about you sweetie and I just have one question. How do you truly know you have heavy metal overload? There are specific symtoms and dangers to many metals and I worry about you deeply!
Please just read this to from the medical dictionary -
Then let's talk.
Lubs you!