Thursday, April 21, 2011

Health Update Thursday(4/21)

Since there's not much to report health and progress wise, I thought I would show you what I mean when I refer to 'wrapping and zapping' or 'wrap and zap' in my updates.

Despite what the name implies, the treatment is NOT painful during-It is afterwords, however that's because it's stirred up everything icky in my body so I can get rid of it.

{which I don't because my body doesn't like detoxing apparently}


This is how we have to set up my bed

These are the 'blankets' that I have to wrap myself up in, which are kind of like those thermal ones you buy for your car in the Winter-We always wrap with 3 blankets on bottom, and depending on how bad the stuff in my body is, we wrap and zap with 1, 2, 3, or 4 of these blankets on top of me.

In between the blankets go a regular sheet that I fold over my body so I'm cocooned in.

This is the 'zapper.' The technical term for it is a harmonic quad-I'm sad to say I really don't know what it does, but what I DO know is it kills at frequency. Those two rods attached to the machine are supposed to be held in your hands while you zap to get the most benefit.

When all is said an done, the word 'burrito' comes to mind. I have to be cocooned in here anywhere from 25 minutes to 2 1/2 hours-I'm sure you could go longer if the little buggers in the body don't want to die.

So, there you have it folks-Hopefully now you have somewhat of an idea about what I'm referring to when I say I wrapped and zapped.

Interesting, huh?


Matty said...

That is just crazy. Like I said before, with modern science, technology and medicine, you would think they'd have something like this figured out by now. I feel bad for you Kayla.

Bonita12 said...

Wow, never saw anything like it. Thanks for sharing - I'm sure you have tried most anything to bring yourself some healing.

BEadECLECTIC said...

I can't imagine having to go through that all of the time. You stay so positive about things which is really admirable, and healthy. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! That's a total trip. Don't you feel claustrophobic in there? I would have a complete breakdown.

Thanks for sharing this..I had no idea there was any such treatment!

Dee said...

oh dear, Not sure exactly what to say other than I so admire your positive attitude. I'm quite certain that because of it, it enables you to deal with everything that you have to go through...strength comes to mind, you are such a strong young lady and it shows with every post after you've not been feeling well. Thanks for sharing...((((hugs))))

XmasDolly said...

My poor baby girl! So when you get all wrapped up and you plug yourself in... when you unwrap yourself do you come out to be... WONDER WOMAN??? I BET YOU DO!!! LOL LUBS YOU LOTS!

Unknown said...

I bet you're a tasty burrito lol sorry I couldn't help it! I think I will die of boredom having to stay in those "blankets". I sure hope they are working for you.

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

A friend of yours that speaks very highly of you said that I could come back, and grab your buttons, so I have them both. I'm very sorry about your illness, and I truly wish you the best, and that all your days are well ones! Happy Easter again. If there is anything I can do like displaying your button etc. don't hesitate to let me know. I'm proud to display this one for you, and very glad to know such a nice person. Oh your friend said that just to tell you CM sent me.

Charlene Canfield said...

Wow Kayla!
Bless your heart!
Still praying for you!

JaMean said...

Oh Kayla. :( Wow, we will continue to pray for you. What an ordeal. Love and energies to YOU. <3 & :)