Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happiness in Wire-NeroliHandmade

Welcome to The Eclectic Element Olga of NeroliHandmade!

Living in Northern California with her husband, Olga enjoys the beautiful sand, the warm sun, and her jewelry designing! She hasn't always lived in California, though; Her and her husband moved there from Russia about 10 years ago, and have been enjoying the Cali life ever since.

Olga is quite an immensely talented jewelry artisan, using many components in her designing-There are a few mediums she likes to work with more then others. These include copper and sterling silver wire, and semiprecious stones.

"I love the look of an oxidized and polished wire wrapped piece of jewelry," she explains to me,"It just makes me very happy."

Looking at her amazing pieces, it's hard to believe she didn't start out with jewelry design!

Growing up, Olga was taught by her mother several different things, some of which include sewing, knitting, and crocheting, skills she has come to find handy throughout her life. It was only three years ago that she stumbled upon wire wrapping; "I've spent countless happy hours practicing and experimenting with the wire since then-It's a wonderful material to work with; it allows you to do so many things and requires only small number of instruments to start creating."

Aside from what she learned in her youth and her wire wrapping, Olga enjoys partaking in other mediums. For instance, she told me she likes to make her own soap, creams and lotions, as well as coming up with new recipes for herself and her family. Also, she recently took up spinning-"I have lots of fun with acid dyes and my new spinning wheel, learning about all these wonderful fibers and driving my husband crazy with all the mess!"

Inspiration for Olga comes in many shapes and forms "I try to stay open to anything that can inspire me, and don't forget to write down my ideas before I forget them."

Things to keep in mind about Olga and her stunning work:

*Olga has her own blog: NeroliHandmade on Blogger! Go check it out :)

*You can also follow her on Twitter @NeroliHandmade.

*If you are so inclined, you can look at some of Olga's fabulous designs on her Flickr page!

*Have a design in mind that you think Olga would make come to life? Just ask her and I'm sure she'd be happy to create it for you.

*For payment, shipping, and other information, check out her Shop Policies Page.

A big thank you to Olga of NeroliHandmade for taking the time out to talk to me about her life and her gorgeous jewelry! Make sure to check out her shop and drool browse a bit :) Who knows, maybe you'll find something you can't live without!

Items in Post:

Full Moon Artisan Sterling Silver Labradorite and Lolite Necklace

Tourmaline and Bali Sterling Silver Artisan Earrings

Woven Copper Vine Cuff with Olive Serpentine Artisan Bracelet


Mark Meytin said...

love the jewelry - very cool!

Unknown said...

very interesting - going to check out the shop and drool now :)

Unknown said...

Love the jewelry!!!!

Yana said...

Beautiful work! Heading over to her Etsy shop now :)

Unknown said...

WOW love her work! I had to post it on facebook because is so stunning!
I also appreciate the tip about writing ideas down, I need to start doing that!And I so envy the spinning.....