Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16th is Eggs Benedict Day!

I was contacted about a week ago on behalf of The Motherboard regarding April 16th-'Yeah, it's a Saturday,' I thought after looking at the calendar, but what I didn't realize was, not only is April 16th a Saturday {today to be precise}, but it's also Eggs Benedict Day!


You heard read me correctly, the dish Eggs Benedict has it's own day ^.^

Normally I don't really do much that involves mom sites because, well, first off I'm not a mom, and second, I feel guilty participating in anything 'mommy' deemed because...I'm not a mom. Lol This particular email and it's contents though is everybody friendly, mom and non-mom alike, so I'm happy to share it with all of my readers.

Before I go into Egg-citing detail {had to put at least one cheesy pun in this post ;) }, I figure I'd do a little snooping and see where the name 'Eggs benedict' originated from-Don't tell me your not curious!

Courtesy of

"Lemuel Benedict, a retired Wall Street stock broker, claimed that he had wandered into the Waldorf Hotel in 1894 and, hoping to find a cure for his morning hangover, ordered "buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon and a hooker of hollandaise."

{Who else wants a hooker......of hollandaise sauce?!}

There are several conflicting stories on who exactly invented eggs Benedict, but I chose that as my favorite to share! If you want to see the other stories, head HERE.

Now onto the good stuff!

Guilt-Free Eggs Benny

  • Ingredients: 2 eggs; 1 light whole wheat English Muffin; 2 slices Canadian bacon; 1/4 cup fat-free plain yogurt; 1/2 teaspoon dry mustard; Kosher salt and cayenne pepper, to taste; 1 tablespoon lemon zest, for garnish; 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley, for garnish; 1 tablespoon white vinegar, Non-fat cooking spray

  • Instructions: 1. In a large pan coated with non- stick cooking spray, brown the Canadian bacon over medium heat. Remove from the pan and keep warm.
  • 2. In a small saucepan, over very low heat, combine yogurt, dry mustard, and season with the salt and cayenne pepper, whisking continually until warm. Be careful: if you overheat, your yogurt will curdle. 3. In a pot of boiling water, add the vinegar and reduce heat to a low simmer. Crack one egg into a small bowl and very gently add it to the simmering water. Repeat this for the second egg. Simmer for 3-5 minutes until the egg is completely coagulated and the yolk looks slightly opaque. 4. In the meantime, toast the whole wheat English muffin. Assemble by placing the toasted muffin on a plate. Top with a piece of the Canadian bacon, a poached egg, and then top with the yogurt sauce. Sprinkle lemon zest and chopped parsley over each egg. Enjoy.

Seafood Frenzy Eggs Benedict

  • Ingredients: 12 eggs; 1 to 2 tablespoons white vinegar; 6 English Muffins; unsalted butter, for spreading; 6 tablespoons Philadelphia Cream Cheese; 12 spears of asparagus, cut in half and steamed; 1 package of Knorr Hollandaise Sauce; 1/2 lemon, zested and juiced; 1 can lump crabmeat, divided into 12 portions; 12 large slices of smoked salmon; 12 cooked and completely peeled large shrimp; sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste; 12 dill sprigs, about 2 inches long
  • Instructions: 1. In a small bowl, prepare the hollandaise according to the package instructions. Add the fresh lemon juice. Reserve. 2. In a large pot of boiling water add the vinegar. Turn the heat down to a low simmer. Crack the eggs one at a time, into a small bowl and add them one at a time very gently into the simmering water. Cook for 3-5 minutes until the egg is completely coagulated and the yolk looks slightly opaque. Remove from the water. 3. Meanwhile, toast the English Muffins and butter when warm. Top the butter with a smear of cream cheese. Top each with two pieces of asparagus. Top the asparagus with a scoop of crabmeat and a piece of smoked salmon. Place the poached egg on top. 4. Top each with a shrimp and drizzle with the hollandaise. Season with the salt and pepper. Garnish with the dill and the lemon zest. (Serves 6)

Now that you have two Egg-cellent {I'm done now, I swear!} recipes to try, have at it and celebrate Eggs Benedict day in style! Don't just limit your eggs benedict to Eggs Benedict day either-Easter is coming up and this would make a great Easter brunch dish!


vanita said...

geez i was just saying there's a day for Everything. i cant believe it. the recipe looks great! i just don't eat eggs in any breakfast fashion. not anymore.

hooker of hollandaise

Unknown said...

Of course, now I'm craving eggs!!! lol