Monday, March 21, 2011

Surprise a wee bit late.

It's March.

It's been the month of March for 21 whole days now.

I celebrated my sister's 20th birthday, my friends 21st, my boyfriend and my 7 month, St. Patty's Day...

So you'd think I'd remember a very important and significant event on the 10th of this month.


Apparently, The Eclectic Element hit 2 years old and I didn't even realize it! I was sitting on the couch the other day and this is the extent of my a conversation between my mother and I:

Me: (realizing it was March) "What day is it?"

Mom: "It's the 18th."

Me: (completely astonished) "Damn. I missed my blogoversary."

Mom: "What day was it?"

Me: "The 10th."

Mom: (thinks for a second) "Yup, you sure did."

I still can't believe it!

Happy 2 year to The Eclectic Element (a little late)!


Dee said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Crystal said...

Cool..2 years,Happy Anniversary!!
It's been fun :)

Unknown said...

Never too late to celebrate....specially with a cupcake lol!
Congrats and happy anniversary!

Jennifer S. said...

Well Happy Happy Blogoversary!!! :)

Annette said...


My blog is two years old too...but I kinda forgot until your post reminded me. LOL


Terra Heck said...

Congrats on your 2 year blogoversary. It's quite an accomplishment. I've seen a lot of blogs come and go. Glad yours is still around.