Sunday, February 27, 2011

Slapdash Sunday(2/27)

Slapdash Sunday is a day for your proverbial week 'leftovers.' Is there something you wanted to say, but just forgot? Is there something you want to write about, but isn't worth a whole page? Do you have a random thought, funny or otherwise that needs to be written down?
That is what Slapdash Sunday is for!



One of my best friends is getting married-She told me on Friday by sending me a picture message of the ring :D

And guess what else?!!

She asked me to be her Made of Honor!

I can't lie-I'm STILL in shock, but SO excited. That dress is the one she chose for me and her other bridesmaids.

I love the color!

I know this is totally out of left field, but I think the word 'Mayhaps' should be added to the dictionary as a legitimate word!

Seriously people, that's a GREAT word-Say it out loud and tell me I'm wrong O.o

It's way classier then the slang it's termed to be!

The 83rd Annual Oscar Awards are tonight-I can't believe it's been a year already since our annual Oscar party O.o

But I digress...

I'm not usually excited for these things-A bunch of films I've not really heard before winning everything, HOWEVER, my girl is going to be singing tonight!

Keep an eye out for Florence + the Machine-She won't disappoint :D


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XmasDolly said...

I've got the flu so I won't be long I just wanted to tell you I know you're going to look gorgeous in that dress. You'll have to tone it down a bit so you won't out-shine the bride. Never change the way you are! You out shine any ol' dress!

Unknown said...

WOW that dress and it's color IS amazing! I'm sure your will look crazy hot in it!

Terra Heck said...

It's always exciting to be chosen as maid of honor. That dress is very pretty.