Monday, February 14, 2011

Mailbox Monday(2/14)

Mailbox Monday divulges into the inner workings of my mailbox throughout the week. From books to jewelry to free samples to random magazines and letters-You never know what will be in the mail this week...


I got a lovely letter from one of my fellow Lymie friends, who ironically is located in Illinois as well!

Boy, do I love getting old school snail mail cards and letters-In the day of e-mails and text messages, it's nice to just reconnect with people the old fashioned way...

Pen, paper, and a stamp to get things movin' :)

The first giveaway of 2011 was won over at my lovely cyber mom's blog, XmasDolly-It was originally supposed to be for electronic screen wipes, but somehow {not exactly sure what happened}, I got glass cleaner instead.

Unfortunately, I don't wear glasses-Any ideas on what to do with it!?

"Free" is the word of the day people-Free sample that is!

You know how much I love me a good free sample-I was able to sign up and receive a package of DenTek floss things {yes, that is the technical term LOL} and they just arrived in the mail!

If you're interested in getting a sample of these, head over HERE.

Guess what?

Aunt Susie surprised my sister and I yet again-The occasion:: Valentine's Day!

We both got lovely Valentine's Day themed fuzzy socks {which are on my feet keeping them cozy as I type} complete with an adorable Valentine's Day valentine, a bar of dark chocolate {as you can see, I already opened it}, and a gift card to McDonald's.

What a cute little way of telling someone you're thinking of them :)

Another free sample!

This time it was a Walmart freebie for Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Seal.


I got my latest copy of Yoga Journal!

Need I say more?


What did you get in the mail this week?


Terra Heck said...

Your aunt is so kind to send you packages like that. Wonka chocolate is some of my favorite. I received the Crest White Strip sample in the mail too.

Unknown said...

Woah way cool!
If you don't wear glasses, maybe you can give the cleaner away again? Just a thought.

Didn't get to my mail box at all this week, the kids have been sick.