Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Not Thursday, But I Have an Update!

I know I have not fully been here the past two weeks. As is always the case, I came down with something yet again from eating something or being around someone or going someplace or just even sitting in my own living room reading a book.

Whatever the reason, one day I was perfectly fine getting together with friends, baking cheesecake, listening to music, the next I was sleeping. And sleeping. And sleeping.

Good lord, I must have slept 3 or 4 days straight, only getting up to eat and go to the bathroom then going back to sleep again.

After the sleeping-beauty bout, I ended up not walking again for a few days. Of course I was still exhausted, so I just stayed in bed and either slept or read {I can actually read now!}.

That subsided one day just as swiftly as it came, but in it's wake, horrible nerve, joint, and muscle pain that left me sobbing and popping Excedrin like they were tic tacs. And with the nerve pain came the depression-I can't say it was as bad as it normally gets in these situations, but it definitely wasn't pleasant by any means...

That pretty much catches you up with where I'm at; still experiencing heightened levels of pain off and on and the depression isn't far behind, but I'm working through it the best I can.

I realized after talking with my boyfriend one day that I am NOT doing the best I can be doing with my health, so I've put myself back on my 'diet.' Eliminating wheat, gluten, dairy, cutting down considerably on sugars, and staying far away from anything artificial.

I'm only on day 2, but I really do feel a little improvement!

As for my ailments, I've been in constant contact with my ME and I guess I've contracted yet another Virus {this was as of yesterday}. This is what we strive to kill and rid of my body of as of today.

So, that pretty much sums up my absence the past two or so weeks-I can't completely say I'm going to be here from now on, but I just want you guys to know what's going on. I thank you for all sticking with me as always and sending your well wishes my way :)

Speaking of up-to-date, I have one more big announcement planned for tomorrow so If you're curious, come back tomorrow to see what's up!

P.s. I have a new signature! You like?!


Cindy said...

Hi Kayla
I am SO sorry to hear you've been so sick. You've really been through the ringer lately. I hope you are continuing to take good care of yourself and take it easy. Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending a hug!

Terra Heck said...

Hope you find some relief from the pain soon. Said a prayer for ya.

JaMean said...

Kayla, you poor thing! My goodness, I cannot even fathom not being able to walk. Your diet is a HUGE change, just try to stick with it. (Easier said than done right?)

Take care of your self sweetie! We are praying for you in Utah!

JaMean said...

I somehow poasted the same thing twice! :) Sorry. :)

Unknown said...

oh Lordy, I find very intriguing, my Gabriel slept for 3 days straight over the weekend....I was really worried. But he checked out of the doctor fine, just a little flare up of seasonal allergies (the weather here is changing AGAIN)

Well, whatever it is, here my wishes that this virus will go parasite a bacteria (out side of your body) and the can be happily ever after together...there!

Cher said...

Wishing you good health!

Dee said...

Glad to see you were missed. Glad to know you're feeling better and sorry to hear you were under the weather. like the new signature!