Thursday, January 20, 2011

Health Update Thursday(1/20)

You wanna know how I started my day today?

I went to sleep around 1:30 am last night, and pretty much had a great night's sleep despite my wake-up-several-times-during-the-night mentality. I woke up this morning around 9:30 am and you wanna know the first thing I did when my eyes opened?

The moment I opened my eyes to wake up from my pretty great night's sleep, I rolled over, reached for the bucket besides my bed {how sad is it that I always keep a bucket by my bed now?}, and tossed my cookies O.o

FIRST thing right when I woke up.

Lovely, no?

I continued to toss said cookies for about a half an hour and then fell back asleep until noon.

Needless to tell all of you, I think I have a flu-The boyfriend said there was a 24 hour thing going around and since I was in school yesterday around many, many germy people, I had no problem coming to the conclusion that I picked something up.

Thank GOD I don't have class again until Monday!

I'll be around today. I think this is all you're going to get from me today though, so enjoy the rest of your Thursday :)


Unknown said...

akkk yup it's surely going around! Hope you feel better tomorrow :)

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Well, that's a really sucky way to wake up... That happens to me sometimes with my migraines, so I have a bowl by my bed, too. HaHa
Hope you are feeling better by now.
Have a great weekend.