Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skating in a Winter Wonderland

My sister is a part of an organization called Fire and Ice, which is basically a "cheer-leading" team for our cities ice hockey group, the Ice Hogs. I put cheer-leading in quotes because not a lot of people realize that hockey teams have cheer leaders too!

But that is what they are-They're there to not only cheer on the team to victory, but to chat up fans, sell various tickets and merchandise for the team, clear the ice during quarters, and generally make sure the fans have a good time.

I honestly had NO idea how much cheer leaders actually DO-Not only do they cheer on a team, but they do so much volunteer work for charities, local events, drives, etc.

My sister had a particular event she was debating on going to in downtown Rockford the other week-A grand opening for a Winter Wonderland: an ice skating rink put together in under 6 weeks for local kids as an inexpensive place to go and have fun.

She asked me if I wanted to go and of course being fond of my non-broken bones laughed her off and said, "Heeeeeeeeeck no!"

You all know me though ;)

As I went back and fourth on to go or not to go, I finally decided to suck it up, don on my newly purchased jacket and a pair of ice skates and give it a go!

On a side note, I don't know if you know this about me but I've attempted to ice skate a total of twice in my past and they both ended up with butt-ice contact {and stomach-ice, face-ice, elbow-ice, etc...You get the pretty painful picture}.

Anyway, we arrived and she went inside to do her duties. As my mother and I waited, countless news trucks arrived, and a lot of people started to trickle in all bundled up and ready to skate-We honestly had no idea HOW many people would show up, but it was an amazing turn out.

I did have a chicken-out moment while standing outside with my mom-What the HECK was I thinking even trying to get into skates and skate around!? I mean, I have issues walking as is, so I'm going to put myself on a thin blade and put the thin blade on ice O.o

Hammy the Ice Hog's mascot helped me see the light though...

{Red-faced Kayla and Hammy hangin' ten}

After about a half hour of people I don't know thanking other people I don't know, they cut the ceremonial ribbon and people were off!

{Of course I was the absolute LAST person to stumble on to the ice because I wasn't fond of the thought of getting swept up in the restless, ice-crazed mob already chomping at the bit to get going}

All in all, I'd say I did better then I thought I would!

I was hanging onto the fencing like it was a lifesaving device, but what do you expect from an uncoordinated person whose only ice skated twice in the past?

The best part of the evening:: I was schooled by a 5 year old boy missing his two front teeth on how to ice skate. I have to admit though, kid knew what he was talking about! LOL

Here are a few other pictures for you to enjoy:

{my Fire and Ice sister and me in my cute new coat}

{Mother and Daughters}

I'm so very glad I chose to go and actually skate-I really did surprise myself!

Thanks for reading :)

Love and Energies.


Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

It is amazing that is one thing I have never tried. And I have tried just about everything at least once!

I am glad you decided to go as well. Those are some great pics of you with your mom and sister!

Cher said...

Great pics and memories you'll have! I had no clue either how much work they do either!

Unknown said...

WOW looks (couldn't help it lol)

I'd liek to try but I don't think I can find ice in Florida. Then again, I never skated on regular floor either (tho I danced on my tip toes)

Kudos for you for going!!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I'm SO glad you were feeling up to skating and I adore the photo of you, your sister and your mom - SO beautiful!!
I used to go ice skating all the time when I was younger and living in New England, I used to love it... I was also in much better health and could tolerate the cold much better.
We have an ice rink in our downtown for the holidays and it is such a draw for people because it is in Florida and people love the idea of ice skating in Florida... there's an idea for you, Lucinda, come on over to Celebration and skate. TeeHee
Hope the rest of your holidays are just as memory filled, Kayla!!