Friday, December 3, 2010

Featured Blogger Friday(12/3)-The Shewbridges of Central Florida

Keeping with the theme of bloggers that I have a very strong connection with, I want to bring to all my readers an absolutely fabulous woman residing with her hubby and three to five fur babies in the sunny state of Florida!

Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida has proven to be an amazing woman and such a wonderful friend to me, which is why I feel it my responsibility and privilege to have her on the site and share her with all of you xD

So without further adieu, enjoy!

Q. What’s your name and blog? What other information would you like to share?

The Shewbridges of Central Florida

Q. Why did you choose that name for your blog?

I actually recently changed the name because it used to be The Shewbridges of Celebration, FL, but hopefully we will be moving out of Celebration soon and I wanted a more generic name, so when I had my blog redone, I tweeked the name slightly. So now it is simply The Shewbridges (which is us) of Central Florida (which is where we live).

Q. Why did you start b

My husband actually suggested I enter some giveaways while I was recovering from spinal surgery and couldn't do anything but sit on the couch or in bed and watch TV or use the laptop. He said that I had a flair for writing and I could probably come up with some good things to say when I entered the giveaways. Then I started to read other posts besides the giveaways on people's blogs and really started to get to know people and started making friends and thought I could do something like that... now a little over a year later, here I am.

Q. What kind of stuff do you cover with your blog? Is there a specific genre you write about or is the sky the limit?

I pretty much cover everything... anything in my life that touches me, I will write about, but I LOVE all things Disney, so that is prominent on my blog as are my doggies. I also am very patriotic as you can tell by the theme of my blog. My son just returned from his first tour of duty in Afghanistan and I am really proud of what he is doing for our country.

Q. What is one must read post that you have written {Include Link}?

Well, I actually have two... one is quite sad, but I have been told it is very good and it pours out my feelings; it is about true friendship and the death of my very best friend, Sue:
The second one I like because it showcases my life and my writing and my love of photography:

Q. Name one thing you love about your blogging job.

That one is SO easy... the wonderful people that I have met! Social networking has given me the opportunity to meet the most fabulous people online and in person. They are there for you when you need them and even when you don't realize that you do. The greatest example was during my son's deployment, I would get the best messages of support on my blog, on twitter, emails, everywhere... even from people I had never connected with before. There really are a magnificent amount of people out there - many more positive than negative and I truly LOVE that!!

Q. Name one thing you’re not quite fond of about your blogging job.

Because of my spinal problems, it is hard for me to sit at a computer, so I end up having pain when I use my desktop... that and trying to keep up with all the blogs that I'd like to, are probably the only things that I have a problem with.
Q. What’s one random fact about you?

I started getting gray hair at age 22, but you wouldn't have known it because I was a redhead until I hit 44... then I just gave up - it got too painful to color it on my own and too expensive to have it done - TeeHee!

Q. Inspiration comes in many forms for different people. What inspires you?

Life - everything around me: my family, friends, nature, my doggies, I try to find something each day to post that will make people smile or laugh - I like to make people happy because there have been so many people out there that have done that for me.

Q. Where else can we find you(Personal Website, Etsy Shop, Twitter, Facebook, Etc.)?

Twitter: @LorieShewbridge!/LorieShewbridge


Unknown said...

Very nice to get to know another blogger from Florida :)

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I am so honored to be featured on your site. You are one of those truely loving people that has been there for me always. Thank you for your support during Nikolaus's deployment and your joy when he came home.
Big hugs at your continued success at school (I know you WILL finish in your own time), your blog, and into your adulthood!!

XmasDolly said...

Well, way to go Kayla! You have found one really terrific lady there to interview, and she is one of my really cool new friends I hold dear to me. She does have a very interesting blog, and he hosts Monday Music Moves Me with me, and two other people. She's always helping someone. Good job there girlfriend.

Stefani @ said...

Nice to meet you! I am all the way on the other side of the US in California. I plan to visit Florida one day!

Katie said...

You interview just like you are in real person - sweet, fun, and energetic! Great interview - It was great meeting you at Brandcation!