Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Poor Rejected Random Loid

So I'm in my room last night blogging and entering my contests when my phone lights up next to me signaling I've got a text message!

PRRL:: "Hey, how are you?"

I didn't look at the number assuming it was my friend Emily whom I had been texting {although it did cross my mind that it was a little weird she was asking me how I was doing when I had just been talking to her}, so I wrote:

Me:: "Hey =) I'm hangin in there. How are you?"

I get this text back.

PRRL:: "Pretty good. Why just hanging in there? What's wrong boo?"

I've never been called boo before by Emily, or any of my other friends for that matter, so I looked up at the number and realized that this was someone I DID NOT know. Now, I don't think you know this about me, but I'm somewhat of a paranoid person, so I'm assuming it was one of my friends playing a joke on me...

Me:: "Ha. I'm assuming this isn't my friend Emily. Lmao. Oops. Sorry, who is this?"

PRRL:: "Loid. You met me at the mall."

By this point, I honestly can't remember if I really DID meet a guy named Loid at the mall{very unlikely, but I always question myself cause of my Lymie brain}, if this was a joke, or if this guy had the wrong number. I wasn't sure which option it was, so I just left it unanswered.

PRRL:: "This is Alex right?"

Poor guy. He's got the wrong number.

Me:: "Sorry, I've believe you got the wrong number. Lol"

PRRL:: "This is Alex though the guy who was wearing a lot of make up?"

{I'm not really sure what he was asking in that text message}

Me:: "Not quite-You're currently talking to a girl who doesn't really wear any make up. Lol"

After I sent that last text message, I waited for a response. One minute went by. Then two. Finally, my phone lit up again and I clicked view, and this is what Loid wrote...

PRRL:: "You're currently talking to a guy who was given a random number to text."



Poor Rejected Random Loid.


Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Poor guy! Rejected!

One time, I was sent a text message by a teenager who thought she was texting her mom letting her know that she was going to be late coming home. I kindly text her back letting her know she text the wrong number. For the next few months, this girl was constantly texting me photos of random things. When I asked her to stop texting me, she started saying things like, "never!". I eventually had to get her number blocked through my cell phone company. Can you believe that? It was crazy!

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Oh man, that would totally creep me out!

Crocheted Little Things said...

awww poor guy!!! I once found a number on my little desk in high school and we started texting....we actually became friends!!!

lfhpueblo said...

Stupid dares by friends.