Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday:: The Recap

I know this is post is far overdue, but better late then never right my interwebby peeps!?

Before I get into all the festivities of my birthday, I have to thank all of my wonderful family and friends far and wide for making my birthday one of THE best birthday in my 21 years of life. Seriously, all of your amazing comments and wishes and cards and gifts just had my heart feeling so overwhelmed and exploding with all of the love.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart :)

Now onto the celebration!

I woke up not really feeling any different until I signed onto the computer and saw all of the Happy Birthday wishes from everyone. Then once my ma started walking around the house saying, "My baby CAN'T be 21!," it kind of hit me a little bit.

The morning was pretty uneventful until I went with my ma to pick up my sister at school. The reason I went:: I was going to pick up booze afterwords xD Once she was safely in the car, we headed to the grocery store not too far away and hit up the liquor section.

Enjoy these photos snapped for your enjoyment!

I proudly carried all my purchases to the gentlemen checking people out and put them on the counter. He kindly asked if I could throw down an ID and I said, "Why yes sir, I certainly can," and handed him my license. My sister and mother were there as well to witness this momentous occasion and as we are all smiling and giggling, the gentlemen looks at my ID and says to me...

"I'm sorry, but I can't sell you this."

Booze! Booze! Booze! Boo....Wait, what?!

Apparently, since my license is the vertical kind as opposed to the horizontal kind, they can't sell it to me because they've been screwed over too many times by fake vertical IDs.

So, needless to say, my ma was the one who purchased those alcoholic beverages that day. I was bummed, but I did understand. My mother however, was PISSED. Her words:: "This is NOT okay-I want my baby to buy BOOZE!"

The gentlemen who denied my birthday purchase was very kind however-He even apologized for 'ruining my Facebook status update.'

Oh well-I guess I need to get a new ID soon!


I had been hemming and hawing all week about my birthday dinner, however I finally decided upon Chili's-Partly because I had been craving one of their burgers for a long time and I knew they had a bar and the other part because I knew from prior experience that they didn't sing to you on your birthday *wink wink*

I know-I'm a party pooper. Hehe.

My boyfriend said that he would pay the guy extra if he would sing to me, but our waiter just laughed and said he's pretty sure we wouldn't want to hear him sing. LOL

{Everybody at our table, my ma, sister, cousin and boyfriend threatened to get up and sing to me as loudly and obnoxiously as they could, but I kindly informed them it would be tapped and put on here-Apparently that scared them enough not to do it. HA!}

But I got a free brownie and ice cream Birthday dessert!

After we were all full and happy, we said adieu to our cousin and went home so I could open the few little things waiting for me-My ma was so excited for nearly two weeks prior to my birthday cause she had thought of, and I quote "THE perfect gift for me." Unfortunately, that gift didn't end up panning out for reasons that I completely understand, but I can honestly tell you if I had been given this gift, I would have bawled like a little baby.

My dad travels a lot for business, so he get's frequent flyer miles to use for flights, hotels and other things. So my wonderful, thoughtful, amazing mother was going to take those points and buy me a plane ticket to WHEREVER I wanted to go, get me a suite case and pack it with some new outfits, hand it to me on my birthday and tell me to "get out." LOL

How completely perfect is that gift!?

Since that couldn't happen however, she told me that she was going to help me buy a new computer as my "big" present, which I just ordered YESTERDAY xD

{Look out for a post this weekend sometime...}

Anyway, where was I!?

Oh yes-Presents!

I got a lovely bottle of sparkling wine, an absolutely gorgeous bouquet of purple calla lilies, and some beautiful, beautiful dark chocolate yummies from my family and my boyfriend also brought me dark chocolate when he came over that day {Ah, they know me so well}!

He actually had bought me my main present a few days before when he had his day off:: An incredible set of oracle cards I had been wanting for months xD

Goodness, I do love him.


After I had opened my presents, he insisted on taking me to do something. I honestly had no clue what I wanted to do; we just ate. I didn't really want to see a movie since nothing looked good. We couldn't go to a bar because he's underage.

What to do, what to do.....


Indeed ladies and gents, he took me bowling :)

We actually met one of my friends, who ironically has the same birthday as I do, and her boyfriend there for a couple games.

{my friend is probably going to kill me for putting that picture up on the blog}

Me and the BF got a little competitive, but even though I'm a competitive person, I still can admit that he beat me both games {first game 3, second game 10}.


Between our first and second game, me and my friend hit up the bar located in the bowling alley and actually bought drinks-THAT'S when I really felt 21 ^.^

After that busy day, the evening was very chilled and relaxed-Boyfriend took me home from bowling and we ended up watching movies the rest of the night. All in all, like I said, best birthday yet!

Thank you all again for your unconditional love-You guys really are the best :)

Love and Energies.


Ginger said...

Hi Kayla
I am glad to hear you had a nice birthday.
Those pictures of you are that you got some great shots at the store!
Sorry your mom ended up purchasing the alcohol,cute story though.
I know how it feels to be pissed when you can't buy alcohol when your old enough. I remember the time my boyfriend was playing a show with his band and my license was expired(since i don't drive it wasn't a priority at the time to get it renewed) well at the door of the club they wouldn't except it and put a big black X mark on my hand. I almost cried especially since i was almost 30!
Well dear i have been enjoying your blog and i will light a candle for your health and to be relieved of some of your pain.
Bright blessings girlie :)
Happy December!!

Unknown said...

Seems like the perfect day!!! Sorry about the ID mix up...I have that happened to me when I didn't have my green card yet and needed some cold medication (had a fever too) and they didn't sell to me. I was mad, miserable and pissed! And another time I was buying cigarettes for my mom and they didn't sell to us because we had my sister that was underage with us...that was so stupid! So the guy was nice selling to your mom instead.
Hope you get my present soon :)

Bonita12 said...

Awesome bday blog - good idea taking pictures of your purchase. Could see your excitement in your smile. What a disappointment about the ID thing tho.

Happy walker said...

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Jennifer S. said...

Oh! Sounds like a fabulous birthday! Aside from the fact that you couldn't buy the booze at the store. lol Glad to hear you had a great bday, though! :)

Terra Heck said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, all in all. Your post reminded me that I must renew my license within the next few days. My birthday is coming up and I totally forgot it was due to renew.