Friday, October 29, 2010

Spook-A-Look Halloween Photo Contest Entry

Ever since my sister and I were little, my mother has encouraged us to make our own costumes through her example-To this day, I can't remember ever wearing a store bought costume because it just takes away most of the fun of things in my opinion! A few costumes I remember making for myself when I was old enough were a Renaissance woman, a gypsy, and a goddess, all from articles I found around the house or bought at thrift stores. This year is probably my FAVORITE costume of all of them: A 50's Pin Up Girl. I hate to boast, but I put this costume together in less then 3 hours-In my opinion, it turned out pretty darn good!

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Angela @ Nine More Months said...

You look great, love the shorts! My mom used to make our costumes every year as well. I was a gypsy once too! I made my son's Halloween costume last year, but this year I have costumes that I bought at a yard sale back in the Spring for practically nothing. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about spending $20 per kid on a crappy costume!

Matty said...

Looks great. I don't remember ever making one. We always bought one.

Treacle said...

Pin-up girls are a classic costume. You look great!

Unknown said...

Looking good Kayla! This year I was able to fit in one of the costumes I got from when I studied ballet.....15 years ago!! EKK