Saturday, October 23, 2010

I've Been Featured-Kinda

I've been featured!

However, it's not on another blog or website.

If you remember, I had my friend Emily do a Fashion Wrap Up post for this years Oscar awards {and a mighty fine job she did I might add}. Well, this Fall she went away to college and has been busting her butt in her classes, one of which is a journalism class.

I got a call from her asking me what she should do a write up on and after a few suggestions on my end, she asked if I wouldn't mind being interviewed for her assignment!

I felt so special xD

Here is what the final draft looks like-I think she did a wonderful job!


Kayla Potega is not the typical 20-year-old. Any type of physical activity she wants to do must be planned out in advance. One day she may be running around with friends, and the next day she could be bedbound, unable to walk. This is all because Kayla has Lyme disease.

Nearly seven years ago, Potega was a carefree young woman. She was attending school, hanging out with friends, and enjoying her teenage years. One day at school, her life changed forever. Potega became very ill and her condition was a mystery for the next five years. “From the time I got sick until the time I found out it was Lyme, it was a whirlwind of over a hundred doctors, nurses, and specialists,” Potega explained. Many painful tests were administrated, along with a collection of different treatments ranging from traditional western medicine to acupuncture to massage therapy.

Potega’s mother, Joanne, spent many hours online searching for something that would help give their family answers to why her daughter was so ill. During this time, Potega explains how she experienced every emotion that could possibly be thought of. Finally after coming across information on Lyme disease, Potega and her family knew this had to be the cause of her illness, despite what the doctors kept telling the family. She was finally officially diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2009.

From late 2008 to 2009, Potega was bedbound for 10 months. During this period, something happened that changed Potega’s life again. “After the first month, I was going a little stir crazy,” Potega explained, “The only thing I did on a daily basis was spend my time on the computer and do my jewelry, so I thought I’d combine the two and see how it went.” This is how Potega’s blog, The Eclectic Element was born.

The Eclectic Element’s motto is “reviews, giveaways, features, and life.” The blog started off small, but a year and a half later, companies are approaching Potega to advertise and review their products on her site. People also write in to Potega for advice on everything from blogging to Lyme.

The Eclectic Element has a Google page rank of 3, with over 500 followers, and 1,140 followers on Twitter. Potega currently has 143 email subscribers and over 1,000 monthly page views. Potega says one of her “bloggy” dreams is that one day, someone will stop her on the street and say “Oh my goodness, you’re Kayla from The Eclectic Element!”

Potega has been given many extraordinary opportunities since starting the blog. She has met many people from all over the world, such as Japan. She has won over $1,000 worth of products from online contests and give-a-ways. Potega also traveled to New York City last August to attend BlogHer 2010. (BlogHer is a blogging conference that is a major event in the blog world.) She also started a line of Lyme disease bracelets, where the proceeds go to other “Lymies” in need of treatment.

Potega says the Lyme disease is what pushed her to start the jewelry business, which led to the blog. She is not thrilled to live the life of a “Lymie”, but she would not want to do things differently. “Once I stumbled into the business and blogging world, it helped me get through those long months, as well as help me be successful in a subject I may not have known anything about if I was healthy and in a different position.”


Unknown said...

That's so cool!
Congrats Kayla!

Anonymous said...

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good job! well written! not sappy or 'o poor pity kayla'. just a good story about a girl who is living a full life. i am damn proud of both of you! (((((hugs)))))