Friday, July 2, 2010

Updates Galore!

I know I've been M.I.A. for the past week, and I do apologize to my readers for leaving them high and dry...

Looking back on the past few posts I've done, I realize that I left you with some seriously big news flashes, and then totally took off!

Can you say cliffhangers!?

I always hate when television shows do that-It majorly sucks to have to wait until next season to see what happened to Bones and Booth Beckett and Castle the characters.

Anyway, here are some updates I'm pretty sure you've been waiting for!


Thankfully, I have a 5 day weekend off from school due to the 4th of July holiday (amen, hallelujah, and THANK GOD!). Which means I did indeed turn in that paper I was having so much trouble on, and I took a test on homophones I've been studying for(then/than, principle/principal, where/wear/were, etc).

I got a B on that (I could have done better though...)

Anyway, I have to wait until next week to find out what I got on my paper, but I'll keep you guys in the loop, and definitely post the paper when it's all "safe."

Now to read The Death of Ivan Ilych, which is what our research paper is going to be on.


Speaking of me having so much trouble getting through this paper, we figured out why!

Apparently, I was reinfected with spirochetes (the little buggers that cause Lyme Disease) from a mosquito bite a month ago while working with my dad outside.

No wonder I was having such horrible brain fog!

Thankfully my medical intuitive picked up on it and put me on a regimen to kill the SOBs asap.


For those of you who are wondering about the condition of Charlie, a.k.a my laptop, he is still hanging in there for now.

*knocks quickly on wood*

I have the charger jimmy-rigged with a rubber band to keep that little blue light on. The unfortunate news is I think I'm going to have to invest in yet another charger to get us through the summer.


In the mean time, I just keep cleaning Charlie out real good after every use.


I alluded to a blogger event that I was invited to towards the end of July in my last Slapdash Sunday post, and promised I would keep you guys informed.

After exchanging a few emails with the MyBlogSpark people putting together the event, I realized I couldn't make it due to a few factors beyond my control.

They were extremely understanding, and apologized for the unfortunate circumstances. Then they go onto say that they are going to send me a package of gluten free products from General Mills for the trouble!

How wonderful are they!?


Last but not least: BlogHer 2010!

I still can't believe it.

Sometimes I sneak another peak at the email just to make sure it's real. LOL

So far everything is going good-I've been sharing emails back and forth with one of the sponsors from the sweepstakes contest, and my flight is booked, as well as my hotel.

I'm flying in bright and early on the 5th, which gives me plenty of time to explore the city until I have to go to dinner at 8:00pm that night.

The best thing is I contacted two of my very good Lymie friends who live in the area and they are going to try to get out and spend the day with me!!! I'm SO excited because this will be the first time we have ever met :)

The only thing I'm worried about are incidental costs. I realized that I'm going to need to get business cards made, buy a few new pieces of clothing, accumulate money for the bus, cabs, shopping, etc.

Hey, where there is a will, there is a way, right!?


I think that just about covers everything! If I missed anything you are all wondering about, just leave me a comment, and I'll be sure to add it to the list :)

Love and Energies.

P.s. I'm headed to downtown Chicago for the day today, so stay on the lookout for that adventure (pictures hopefully included)!


Steph said...

So sorry you were infected again. I admire you for doing so much (even without your illness). Have fun at Blogher!!!

Jenine said...

Well aside from the mosquito induced cruds, sounds like you're having a great series of events happening right now! Isn't that such a great place to be? So happy for you! :)

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

I got my business cards made through and they turned out AMAZING. Much higher quality than the ones from Vista Print. The only thing is that the cheapest shipping took forever, so you would have to pay extra to get them in time.

Best option? Buy some business card paper and print them yourself. I would say to bring about 100.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I think you are doing marvelous! I'm so happy that you get to go to BlogHer and a little jealous, too! :-)
I know you did well on your paper, I can just feel it! I think a B on an English paper is great, you know how I feel about English classes. I told you how I do better in the Math & Sciences.
Sorry about the infection... glad you were able to catch it quickly.
Sorry I haven't been around, but you know the drill with me. I'm trying to catch up and stay caught up now. I think I have a schedule worked out now.
Big hugs to you!! :-)