Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hoop House Fun

I was fortunate enough to lend a hand in the building of a (very large) hoop house over the weekend-What exactly is a hoop house you ask?

Well, for those of you who aren't familiar with 'farmer speak', Wikipedia.com defines a hoop house as a greenhouse with a plastic roof wrapped over flexible piping. "The interior heats up because incoming solar radiation from the sun warms plants, soil, and other things inside the building faster than heat can escape the structure. Air warmed by the heat from hot interior surfaces is retained in the building by the roof and wall."

Now you might be asking HOW a city girl would get to do something like THAT!?

Lets just say I know people ;)

Anywho, I am so glad that I got to take part in this experience because how many people can say they actually helped build a hoop house!? In Rockford none the less!?

Here are some pictures of our great adventure.

Unfortunately we weren't able to finish the whole thing, but we did get a majority of it done(as you can see by the last picture)!

One of these weekends soon we will all go back and help the farmer put the plastic on.

Then you'll get to see the final product ^.^

Love and Energies.


Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Nope, I have never built one, but given the opportunity, I would join in!

Stefany said...

That is really neat! I would join in too if I had the chance.

Unknown said...

That looks like fun!!!
I'm gonna ask my parents in law if they will let us do that on their farm, my dream come true!

Shannon said...

That's awesome Kayla! I bet it will turn out great! Happy Wednesday!