Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rampin' It Up

"Allium tricoccum, commonly known as ramps, spring onion, ramson, wild leek, or ail des bois (French), is a member of the onion family (Alliaceae). Found in groups with broad, smooth, light green leaves, often with deep purple or burgundy tints on the lower stems and a scallion-like bulb strongly rooted just beneath the surface of the soil. Both the white lower leaf stalks and the broad green leaves are edible. A common description of the flavor is like a combination of onions and strong garlic."

Why the sudden vegetable lesson?

Well, as you know, my family is very outdoorsy and connected to the earth-We love anything having to do with the outdoors:

*Camping (even though we've never really been)
*etc etc

That being said, my dad came back home the other day with three FULL bags of these extremely pungent, beautifully colored ramps that he happened to stumble upon while mushroom hunting.

{Note:: He did not bring home any mushrooms LOL}

I thought you all would love to see these little beauties all cleaned and fixed up :)

I highly recommend that if you have a chance to pick and/or eat FRESH ramps, you go for it! They are incredibly yummy and go very well in many different recipes :)

Love and Energies.


Angela @ Nine More Months said...

Yum! Are they oniony in flavor? Can you send me some? Hehe.

Unknown said...

I'd only heard of ramps on Top Chef but never really knew what they actually were or looked like. Thanks for the lesson!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed by you and your family. Wish we were more outdoorsy. The ramps look and sound delish. Ya'll enjoy!

Unknown said...

oh wow! Never had any ramp before, maybe it's time to try them out!

Anonymous said...

Oh YUMM!!!! I haven't had the pleasure of eating or cooking with any ramps. I'd love to though. They sound wonderful!