Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oprah Trip:: Day 1

If you missed the first installment of the Oprah Trip Series, you can view it HERE.


It's always funny when things like this happen to you-If it's important or life altering enough, you drop EVERYTHING to get there, which is exactly what the three of us did...

I skipped Biology (kinda)
Krysten came back from college for a day
Mum dropped all her mother/wife duties

I mean, it is OPRAH WINFREY after all! Not only that, this is her last season before she moves onto bigger and better things. And of course Twilight(nuff said)!

Those three things imprinted in our minds, we drove, dropped off, drove, picked up, went shopping, looked up train scheduling, packed, repacked, packed some more and of course drove a lot more.

My hands were tied with the whole Biology thing-I needed to go in to take the quiz that day and sit through the test prep for the upcoming test which conveniently happened to be that Thursday(so much for studying LOL). The greatest thing is that day we were supposed to have a movie day and do the test prep afterword, but when I went in we skipped the quiz I was all set to take, and did the test prep before the movie started.

Woohoo! How beautiful did that turn out!?

I loved my excuse for why I had to leave early: "Boy do I have an excuse for you! I got tickets to the Oprah show, so I have to leave early to catch my train." Even though it was COMPLETELY true, I don't think he bought it ;)

Once I got out of there, we headed straight to the train station-Unfortunately we couldn't do the station near us, so we had to go 45 minutes away to the other station and even then it was cutting it really close. The whole trip there I was thinking we were going to miss our train and have to take the later one which would have thrown everything out of whack.

Thanks to my crazy driver of a dad, we got there JUST in time. I remember thinking this trip was special because never have any of our trips run so smoothly...NEVER!

The train ride there was quite uneventful except for my mum boasting that we were going to be on Oprah to random strangers and a couple of girls who stopped dead in their tracks (with other people waiting behind them), pointed at my shirt and said, "Look, a Twilight shirt!"

Here are a few snapshots I got from the train ride:

Once we got off the train, it was a matter of finding the hotel-Thankfully we had figured things out before hand so we had a printout of the hotel's address and a phone with GPS capabilities.

Of course it didn't hurt that our hotel was no more then 2 blocks from the station :)

{My sister in front of our hotel}

{Mum and Krys relaxing a bit before we have to leave again}

{It was an extremely nice room!}

{The view from our room's private balcony}

If we had missed that first train, we wouldn't have been able to check in to the hotel, drop off all of our stuff and freshen up for the movie; so now you see the importance of the first train! Thankfully we were able to do all that stuff and leave for the theater in plenty of time.

Here's where that whole taxi story comes into play....

My dear mother who is a born and bread Chicagoan hates cabbies-So when we set out for the theaters, we thought we would walk a few blocks and catch a cab. I think subconsciously she didn't want to deal with cabbies because she just kept saying, "Oh, it's just the next street over," and ,"I just saw a sign so we're close."

Whether she saw a sign has yet to be confirmed, but to make a long story short, we ended up walking the whole way there.

All 2.2 miles of it.

In Chicago, that's over 20 city blocks.

By the time we actually reached the theaters, my back was cursing her name. I actually think she was cursing her OWN name. Lol

{Us girls getting decked out in our Twilight gear ready to see Eclipse}

Side note:: That shirt my sister is wearing was aquired Monday when we went to the mall totally by accident-My mum just happened to ask if this store had any Twilight shirts and this was their last one...In the store room.

Guess how much it was?


Just another thing that made this trip meant-to-be!

Anywho, we had to wait in a few lines for awhile, go through security checks (they're really serious when they say no cell phones or cameras), and get the necessities: ticket, bracelet, popcorn and pop (which was generously provided for us as well).

Once all those obstacles were covered, it was into the theater we go! At first we had horrible seats, but Krysten found us better ones right smack dab in the center of the theater-You couldn't have asked for better seats if you tried :D


For all those Twilight fans out there counting down the days until Eclipse comes out (June 30th)-Let me just say this movie is TOTALLY 100% worth the wait!

Seriously, even though we just got a rough cut of the movie, it still left me speechless.

I can't wait to see it again when it comes out!!


My sister and I felt really bad because the whole time we were enjoying the movie, our mother was outside waiting for us :(

Of course when we brought this up to her she yelled at us because this was the trip of a lifetime and we shouldn't feel bad. Lol

Thankfully we found her immediately after the movie ended talking with a really nice lady (at least she had someone to talk to). She sure knows how to pick them though: apparently this lady was the one person who chauffeurs the stars to Harpo Studios!

The day before she had driven Justin Bieber to the show and I believe she was driving the Twilight cast the next day...Too bad we couldn't catch a ride with her ;)

This time though we DID get a cab back to our hotel (after about 20 minutes of attempted cab hailing)-By this time we hadn't had time to eat all day so we went back to our room and immediately ordered room service.

Those are two firsts for me:

*My first cab ride
*My first room service order

We were all extremely tired, so we showered up, ate, and got ready for bed.
After all we did have to get up at 4 the next morning for Oprah >.<

Come back tomorrow to hear and see all about our Oprah experience and how my sister's apparently famous!

Love and Energies.


Amy said...

wow I can't wait to hear more. What an amazing trip for sure.. I love the pictures of your shirts. Wow $1 is a great buy..

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

So extremely jealous that you got to see the movie!! I saw the preview the other day when I went to see Iron Man. I will be there opening night, for sure.

Unknown said...

OMG still can't believe it, it's just awesome!!! Good things happen to good people.