Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Losers *Movie Review*


A group of elite special forces are deep undercover in the Bolivian jungle attempting to stop a drug smuggling ring when the tables are suddenly flipped, and they find themselves the one's being hunted...

And killed.

However, through a sheer twist of fate, they are all left alive and forced into hiding-That is until their leader meets a sexy and mysterious stranger dangling the prospect of revenge before the group.

How can they let slip the opportunity to come face to face with the man who called for each of their executions?

Once back in the United States, the group finds themselves facing the fact that some things are the same as they had left them and some are vastly different.

Are they enough to come up against the mysterious voice over the radio, or will this be a suicide mission like the sexy stranger blatantly told them? Can they even trust her at all?

My Thoughts:

This movie had SO much promise when I watched it's trailer-I mean special forces, oh-so-hot guys, action, adventure, romance...

Sounded like my kind of movie alright ;)

I can't say this movie is a bad one because it really isn't-It had me entertained the whole way through! However I really didn't see the point in it what so ever.

Yes, it has the whole wronged-person-seeking-revenge movie angle which is always somewhat predictable, but this movie just seemed like it was thrown together spur of the moment.

It had some great humor, amazing faces (HELLLLLO Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and kick-ass action scenes, but just didn't flow very well.

Maybe it was just me? Definitely give it a watch for yourself and see what you think!

Love and Energies.

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Unknown said...

hmmm I'm intrigued now, may I will give it a try and watch it with hubby.