Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Watchlist *Book Review*

Watchlist: Two Serial Thrillers in One Killer Book

Based on an idea by Jeffery Deaver
Vanguard Press
January 2010

Even I, a lover of all books and a seasoned reader, have never heard of a concept like this one before-What concept is that? Well, basically some of the greatest action, adventure, and thriller writers of ALL time have come together in a literal collaborative brainstorm to write The Mother of all thriller books!

Some of the impressive names on the author list include:

*Jeffery Deaver
*Linda Barnes
*Lee Child
*Joseph Finder
*John Ramsey Miller
* Lisa Scottoline

And 16 others!

Book Synopsis {From Inside Jacket}:

In the first book, The Chopin Manuscript, former war crimes investigator, Harold Middleton, who is unaware that a forgotten work by Chopin is his possession contains a dark secret within it's handwritten notes. His race to uncover the secret is obstructed by federal agents, assassins and a mysterious figure from the past only known as Faust.

Harold Middleton returns in the explosive sequel, The Copper Bracelet. Beginning with a day at the beach where all is not what it seems, an international terror plot sends Middleton careening from Nice to Moscow to Kashmir as he seeks to prevent nuclear war between India and Pakistan and the start of World War III.

My Thoughts:

When I was given a chance to read and review this book, I pretty much jumped all over it(both literally and figuratively LOL)! I mean who can honestly say that they are a part of something this incredibly innovative? I'm not sure what those exact statistics are, but I know I had to be in the 'participated' category...Of course being a lover of everything action/adventure/thriller didn't hurt things in the least bit either ;)

Anywho, as the title describes, this really is 'two serial thrillers in one killer book.' The first book, The Chopin Manuscript, deals mainly with the introduction to key characters, starting out slowly so you can get accustomed to the ideas being thrown at you and generally picking up speed as the story goes on. The second book, The Copper Bracelet, starts right up from the get-go since you are already familiar with all the key characters and what they are about.

Honestly, I had trouble getting into the story-Not the whole plot or characters mind you(Actually, the whole plot is pure genius-This is the type of stuff I thrive off of. LOL), but the actual story itself. I've been trying to figure out what it was that made getting through it so difficult, but I can't seem to come to a conclusion! I have, however, narrowed it down to two things:

1. While the idea was good in theory, all these authors with their different writing styles made it harder to get into the book.


2. Some of the story went by way too fast and other times it dragged on-I found myself saying, 'Come on, seriously?' and 'That was very unrealistic or too convenient for my taste.'


3. My stupid, Lymie brain

Whatever the reason may be, all in all I did think this was a good book that is worth the read. Keep in mind this is just one person's opinion, though! If your interested in the book, grab yourself a copy and judge for yourself :)

Watchlist can be purchased on Amazon.com

I received a copy of Watchlist so that I could accurately write an honest review of the book-All thoughts and opinions expressed in the above post are 100% mine and mine alone.


XmasDolly said...

Good Morning Kayla. I stopped by to Congratulate you on your win at Island of Life. I just read about it in my e-mail! WooHoo! This book sounds like a 2 for 1 sail if I got you right. Like two stories for one? I'm not much of a reader, it puts me to sleep. ~hehe~ Have a great day! Hope all is well with you.

Amy said...

too scary for me..