Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slapdash Sunday(3/21)

Slapdash Sunday is a day for your proverbial week 'leftovers.' Is there something you wanted to say, but just forgot? Is there something you want to write about, but isn't worth a whole page? Do you have a random thought, funny or otherwise that needs to be written down?
That is what Slapdash Sunday is for!


I just had my 400th follower giveaway and wouldn't you know the day that giveaway ends, I hit 500!!

Now I get to think of another great giveaway for all of you guys-This should be fun ;)

Any ideas or suggestions?!

I have been looking forward to the first day of Spring since the first day of Winter hit!

I was beyond thrilled when the clock struck midnight last night because it means out with the cold and in with the warmth and sunlight...

Boy did I get a rude awakening when I woke up-Snow. On. The. Ground.

To quote my friend Emily, "First day of Spring:: What a rip off."

Is it wrong to love an inanimate object more the life itself!?

Okay, maybe not more then life, but it comes pretty damn close ;)

I just got my Ipod touch yesterday and I can't seem to put her down!!!!!!

Charlies got a new little sister lovely named Charlotte.

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Cindy said...

Congrats on all of your blog Followers...and now you're on your way to well over 500....
'Hope you enjoyed the first day of Spring! I've been looking forward to it for forever too!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! Congrats on your 500 followers!!!

It's a pleasure to meet Charlotte. It's okay to love inanimate objects, just down marry them or try to get intimate with them. Yea, there's a term for that.

Happy Sunday!

Annette said...

Congrats on 500 followers!

I have a little something (or two) over on my blog for you.

Unknown said...

WOW for 500 followers, that's pretty awesome!

I know right?? I woke up this morning and realized that it looks more like Christmas time than Easter....and will all have running noses and sore throats....*sigh*

Cool iPod, now what you need is a cool case for it!