Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oscar Party Recap

Thanks to my crazy, party-throwin' friend Emily and her obsession for anything Hollywood, each year us friends get together for an Oscar party.

As you know, this year the 82nd Oscar awards were held on Sunday night and I have to say quite honestly, this was one of THE. BEST. award shows I've seen in a long time!!

Last year, I was more absorbed with the party then paying attention to the show(this is probably why I got way more pictures last year then this year), but this year since we had a few people missing, it was a little more mellow and we were able to enjoy the show from the pre red carpet interviews to the entire awards ceremony.

Since it's in such high demand *wink wink*, here is a group picture of the four of us and the picture of me all red carpet ready(I wish I would have totally stood straighter and not stooped over >.<):

{Don't worry, that's not a real cigarette-Can you guess who she is!?}

I'm proud to say that I won best dressed a SECOND time-That's two in a row baby :D
My prize: The Best Dressed Pimp Cup!

Yes, that is chocolate in the cup and yes, the cup is totally blinged out-Isn't it fantastic?!

My favorite part of the show, though, had to be hands down the tribute to John Hughes with clips of his fantastic 80s movies and of course the tribute to horror movies(although, WHY Twilight was in that category is beyond me )-Oh man was I jumping up and down on my seat when watching those :D

If you happened to miss those or just want to watch them again, here you go!

{This isn't the best quality video, but it's the only one I could find at the moment}

Now, even though I had a fantastic time at the party and I thought the Oscars were fan-freakin-tastic, there was one pretty big thing that had me pretty angry: Besides the John Hughes and horror film tributes, they also put together a tribute for all the Hollywood actors, writers, producers, etc who passed away in 2009.

You may be asking why I'm so upset? They left out my girl Beatrice 'Bea' Arther and Farrah Faucet! Despite what people think, Bea starred in many movies and so did Farrah, so WHY were they left out!?

Further more, WHY was Michael Jackson in there when he only did maybe 1 or 2 movies?

Just my two cents worth.

Anyway, so there you have it folks, my Sunday night in a nutshell ;)

Love and Energies.

P.s. Come back later for a fashion blow-by-blow from my crazy, party-throwin' friend herself!!


Unknown said...

OH that looks like a ball and lovin your prize...

Priscilla - The Wheelchair Mommy said...

That sounds likea total blast ... LOVE reeses PB cups . yum

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great picture of you all. So much fun. Congratulations on winning best dressed again and imagine, you went as a filler. WTG!

p.s. I heard the same thing about the tribute to those who passed. They passed over some folks for what reason?

Unknown said...

Looking good ladies! And congrats on the sweet price Kayla!

I agree that those 2 actresses should have been included - I adore Farrah Faucet :(

erica said...

Your post makes me want to host an Oscars party next year! Love it!

Stopping from SITS... welcome!